Collections Added Since January 2022

Division Title Dates Extent
DEC MSS Henderson M. Wolfe scrapbook 1908-1917
NOV DAN Martha Graham Dance Company collection 1900-2017
NOV SCL Hip-Hop Education Center collection 1979-2014
OCT SCM Henryton Tuberculosis Sanatorium ledger 1944-1992
OCT SCM Joe Johnson papers 1961-2018
OCT SCM The Philomathians ephemera collection 1957-1990
OCT SCM James P. Wilson family Bible 1829-1890
OCT THE New York International Fringe Festival records 1993-2002
OCT SCM Juris Jurjevics James Baldwin files 1952-1982
OCT MUS Song Slides Illustrating Early 20th Century Popular Songs circa 1900-1914
SEP SCP Schomburg Center Photographs and Prints Division subject collections: Street scenes 1890s-1970s
SEP SCP National Youth Administration collection [graphic] 1935-1943
SEP SCP Slavery [graphic]
SEP SCP Sports [graphic]
SEP SCP Negro Ensemble Company photograph collection [graphic]
SEP SCP Art and artists [graphic]
SEP SCP Club Cubano Inter-Americano photograph collection [graphic] 1941-1995
SEP SCP Occupations [graphic] 1800-1990 (1930-1960)
SEP SCP Melville J. and Frances S. Herskovits photograph collection [graphic]
SEP SCP Morgan and Marvin Smith collection [graphic] 1933-1968
SEP SCP International Labor Defense photograph collection [graphic] 1926?-1946?
SEP SCP Schuyler family photograph collection [graphic]
SEP SCP Organizations [graphic]
SEP SCP New York Jazz Museum photograph collection [graphic]
SEP SCP Military [graphic]
SEP SCP Austin Hansen collection [graphic] / A. Hansen
SEP SCP The Malcolm X collection: photographs 1950s-1964
SEP BRG Condolence letters received by Julia Quinn Anderson on the death of John Quinn 1924
SEP BRG John Butler Yeats letter with sketch to John Quinn : autograph manuscript signed 1921 April 7
SEP DAN Ruthanna Boris papers 1935-2007
SEP THE Garry Simpson papers 1930-1979
SEP SCM William Strickland research files 1950-2008
SEP SCP Schomburg Tintype collection 1850-1879
SEP SCP Schomburg Ambrotype collection 1850s-1860s
SEP THE Cyrk posters 1962-1979
SEP SCP Fab 5 Freddy photographs 1971-2009
SEP SCP Barbara Mae Watson photographs 1921-1983
SEP BRG Charlotte Brontë papers 1829-1990s
SEP BRG Patrick Brontë papers circa 1830s-1990s
SEP BRG Anne Brontë papers circa 1840s-1895
SEP SCM Tom Feelings papers 1919-2006
AUG DAN Violet Holmes collection 1930-2019
AUG DAN Don Redlich Dance Company photographs 1961-1981
AUG DAN Kaja Gam photographs 1972-1989
AUG DAN John Goldston photographs circa 1940-1959
AUG MSS A gloss upon glosses : typescript 1956
AUG MSS Elements de poetique et de rhetorique : manuscript 1777
AUG DAN Pryor Dodge collection 1890-2009
AUG DAN José Limón photographs 1933-1968
AUG DAN Selma Jeanne Cohen photographs 1947-1989
AUG SCP Lawrence D. Reddick photograph collection 1900s-1983
AUG SCP Harry Belafonte photographs 1925-2010s
JUL DAN Nathaniel Tileston photographs 1964-2019
JUL MSS New York Colony customs account 1704
D JUL MSS Fifty-seven early New York documents 1673-1799
JUL SCP George Westerman photographs 1921-1989
JUL SCP Stormé DeLarverié photographs 1955-2014
JUL THE Foundry Theatre records 1984-2019
JUL SCM Claude McKay literary property records 1931-2013
JUL SCM Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee financial records 1962-1965
JUL MSS Block Communities, Inc. records 1962-2021
JUL BRG George Bernard Shaw letter of 1909 February 2 to the editor of The Times : manuscript copy between circa 1909 and circa 1933
JUN SCM J. Wayne Fredericks papers 1907-2010
JUN BRG Susan Jaffe Tane collection of Walt Whitman 1842-2012
JUN DAN Carolina de los Reyes collection 1950-1999
JUN SCM Harry Belafonte papers 1872-2017
JUN MUS Lesley Gore papers 1900-2017
JUN THE Carole Shelley papers 1940s-2016
MAY BRG Charlotte Yonge letters 1880s-1900
MAY BRG May Sarton letters and poems 1932-1985
MAY THE Barnard Hughes and Helen Stenborg papers 1880s-2011
MAY SCM 409 Edgecombe collection 1878-1987
APR LHG Irma and Paul Milstein Division of United States History, Local History and Genealogy Real Estate Brochures ca. 1878-ca.1986
APR DAN Michael Truppin dance slides collection 1962-1977
APR MUS Sammy Davis, Jr. arrangements 1953-1988
APR SCM Patricia Spears Jones papers 1970s-2010s
APR RHA Bryant Park Concerts of Recorded Music collection 1948-1968, undated
APR THE George E. Joseph photographs 1954-2008
APR MSS Anderson Map Company records 1954-2008
MAR DAN Rosa Rolanda photographs 1920s-1950s
MAR DAN Raymond Johnson Dance Company photographs 1976-1980
MAR DAN Dance Printing Blocks 1963-1964
MAR DAN Pieter Sommen photographs 1978-1983
MAR DAN Petrus van Muyden photographs 1935-1984
MAR DAN Otto F. Hess negatives 1940s-1950s
MAR DAN Nina Alovert photographs 1960-1993
MAR DAN David S. Berlin photographs of the Nikolais Dance Theatre 1950s-1960s
MAR DAN Nellie Fisher photographs 1939-1980
MAR DAN Mura Dehn photographs 1930s-1950
MAR DAN Michael Avedon photographs of the Harkness Ballet circa 1964-1975
MAR DAN Victor Jessen photographs 1930-1959
MAR THE Hugh Fordin collection 1908-2005
MAR DAN Dawn Lille collection 1932-2002
MAR SCP Schomburg Daguerreotype collection 1840s to 1850s
MAR THE Frank Cambria and Sophie T. Cambria collection of Vincente Minnelli costume designs 1927, circa 1920s-1930s
MAR DAN Marjorie S. Graff collection of research materials for Stravinsky and the Dance 1917-1968
MAR DAN Michael Maule photographs 1930s-1960s
MAR DAN Monica Moseley photographs of Meredith Monk and The House Foundation for the Arts 1969-1975
MAR DAN Mary Ann Wells photographs 1920s-1950s
MAR DAN Marion Morgan photographs 1900s-1930s
MAR DAN Marian Sarach photographs 1966-1977
MAR DAN Louis Horst photographs 1900s-1960s
MAR DAN Larry Warren collection of Lester Horton Dance Theater negatives 1940s-1950s
MAR DAN Leon Danielian and Georgia Hiden scores 1928-1983
MAR DAN Zachary Freyman photographs 1950s-1960s
FEB THE Vincent Canby papers 1930s-2000
FEB DAN Joe Nash photographs 1930s-1969
FEB DAN Jim Clinton papers 1978-1985
FEB DAN Igor Schwezoff photographs 1920s-1970s
FEB DAN Humphrey-Weidman photographs 1900s-1950s
FEB DAN Harvard Summer Dance Center photographs 1973-1995
FEB DAN Harry Weintraub collection of dance photographs 1960s-1970s
FEB DAN Harkness Ballet programs and press 1955-1981
FEB DAN Harkness Ballet Company photographs 1964-1970
FEB DAN Milton Oleaga photographs 1950-1989
FEB DAN Klarna Pinska photographs 1920s-1987
FEB DAN Kathryn Dakis collection of dance photographs 1970-1985
FEB DAN Joyce Trisler photographs 1934-1979
FEB DAN Josephine Schwarz collection of dance photographs 1890s-1938
FEB DAN George Platt Lynes photographs 1940s-1950s
FEB DAN David Dorfman papers 1980-2017
FEB DAN American Ballet Theatre photographs 1920-1992
FEB MSS Mrs. Willows' Dinner Party : autograph manuscript draft and typescript (carbon) circa 1958-circa 1973
FEB SCM Fab 5 Freddy papers 1952-2014
JAN DAN G.W. Davison-Ackley collection of Max Waldman photographs 1974-1976
JAN DAN Eugenia Delarova Doll photographs 1911-1990
JAN DAN Edward Effron photographs 1965-1971
JAN DAN Edith Worth photographs 1950s
JAN DAN Carmelita Maracci photographs 1940s-1950s
JAN DAN Barton Mumaw photographs 1920s-1960s
JAN DAN Antony Tudor scores 1944-1970
JAN BRG Virginia Woolf letter to Roger L. Scaife : autograph manuscript signed 1933 March 20
JAN BRG Virginia Woolf letter to Susan Lushington : autograph manuscript signed 1906 September 19