Collections with Recently Digitized Content

Division Title Dates
D THE Tony Straiges designs 1970-1994
D MUS Song Slides Illustrating Early 20th Century Popular Songs circa 1900-1914
D SCP Schomburg Ambrotype collection 1850s-1860s
D DAN Josephine Schwarz collection of dance photographs 1890s-1938
D SCM Miscellaneous American Letters and Papers (MALP) 1740-2006
D THE Carol Rosegg photographs 1978-2018
D SCM Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee papers 1932-2015
D THE Willa Kim designs 1905-2014
D DAN Charles Payne collection 1929-1983
D SCM Nautilus Insurance Company Slavery Era ledgers 1845-2002
D MUS Arthur Russell papers 1960-2005
D DAN George Platt Lynes/Jack Woody Photographs 1933-1955
D DAN Mikhail Mordkin Photographs circa 1860s-1978
D CPS Edward John Trelawny manuscript material 1817-1879
D MUS Regina Resnik papers 1934-2013
D MSS Angela Morgan papers 1901-1957
D THE Friedman-Abeles photographs 1940-1980
D CPS Thomas Love Peacock manuscript material 1792-1863
D DAN Yeichi Nimura and Lisan Kay Nimura papers 1903-2006
D MSS William B. Osgood Field papers 1610-1952, n.d
D BRG Sir Arthur Conan Doyle collection of papers 1881-1944
D THE Robert Baral papers 1876-1980
D DAN Pauline Koner papers 1905-2000
D MSS New York World's Fair 1939 and 1940 Incorporated records 1935-1945
D CPS Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley manuscript material 1815-1850
D THE L. J. Binns caricatures 1901-1915
D BRG Joseph Conrad collection of papers 1885-1956
D BRG Henry David Thoreau collection 1837-1917
D MUS The Bruno Walter papers ca. 1887-ca. 1966
D SCM Arthur Alfonso Schomburg papers 1724-1939