Collections with Recently Digitized Content

Division Title Dates
D SCM William Alexander Yancey papers
D MSS Mol[i]tvʹnikʹ o gospodě Bozě pochina︠i︡emʺ ... Slūzhba s[via]togo Īoana Zlatousta 13--
D MSS Robert Burns and William Nicol Burns letters 1788-1794, 1843
D MSS George H. Budke collection 1798-1948
D MSS Andrew Carnegie letters 1868-1914
D MSS Almon Harris Thompson and Ellen Powell Thompson diaries 1872-1875
D MSS Alexandria, Virginia account books 1770-1887
D MSS Charles Blue diary kept on board the U.S.S. Vandalia 1853-1856
D MSS El Brasil restituido 1625
D SCM White Rose Mission and Industrial Association collection 1899-1981
D MSS Taunton Social Library records 1837-1873
D SCM Bata Kindai Amgoza Ibn LoBagola papers 1928-1933
D MSS Uncle Tom's cabin : holograph leaf undated
D MSS Francis Stanfell papers 1812-1831
D MSS Smyth of Nibley papers 1613-1674
D MSS T.H. Morrell collection of original autograph letters of the presidents of the United States ca. 1865
D MSS Mormon Miscellaneous Collection 1842-1920
D SCM Frederick Douglass collection 1859-1894
D MSS James Monroe papers 1772-1836
D CPS Odoardo Machirelli manuscript material 1820
D CPS James Lind manuscript material 1810
D CPS Charles Lamb manuscript material circa 1800-1829
D CPS Andrew Kippis manuscript material 1795
D CPS Joseph Kennerley manuscript material 1814
D CPS John Mackenzie Kennedy manuscript material 1857
D CPS John Keenan manuscript material 1803
D CPS John Keats manuscript material circa 1818-1820
D CPS Marianne Hunt manuscript material 1817-1840
D CPS Henry Leigh Hunt manuscript material 1820-1836
D CPS Thomas Hume manuscript material 1818
D CPS Joseph Hume (Somerset House clerk) manuscript material 1816
D CPS J. A. Hessey manuscript material 1818-1825
D CPS William Hazlitt manuscript material 1799-1828
D CPS R. W. Hayward manuscript material ca. 1819
D CPS Harriet Grove manuscript material 1809-1810
D CPS John Gisborne manuscript material 1822-1833
D MSS Piccirilli family papers 1876-1967
D THE Sothern and Marlowe collection ca. 1879-ca. 1920
D MSS Accounts and transactions relative to the estate of Samuel Bayard 1784-1803
D DAN Lincoln Kirstein's collection of photographs of artwork, 1915-1988 and n.d
D DAN George Platt Lynes photographic scrapbooks
D MUS Alexander Smallens papers ca. 1900-1970
D MSS Testimony against Hugh Parsons charged with witchcraft 1650-1651
D CPS Harriet Shelley manuscript material 1813-1816
D BRG Alfred Kazin Papers 1938-1999
D CPS Marianna Segati manuscript material 1816-1818
D THE Martha Swope photographs circa 1955-circa 2002
D CPS Samuel Romilly manuscript material 1813
D CPS Mary Elizabeth Robinson manuscript material 1803
D CPS Mary Robinson manuscript material 1797-1800
D CPS Traduzione del Lamento di Torquato Tasso di Lord Byron e Riposta di Leonora di Gaetano Polidori 3 Agosto 1817
D CPS Henry Willey Reveley manuscript material
D CPS Marina Querini Benzon manuscript material ?1819-1821
D THE Robert Boucher papers 1953-1962
D MSS New York World's Fair 1964-1965 Corporation records 1959-1971
D MSS Moe Berg papers 1922-1975
D MSS Herman Rosenthal papers 1889-1912
D MSS Autograph album from the signing of the Treaty of Riga 1921
D MSS Maitland collection of South Sea Company and Mississippi Scheme papers 1669-1774
D MSS Obadiah Rich collection 1450-1843
D MSS Arcularius and Merrell record and account book 1787-1792
D MSS Renaissance and medieval manuscripts collection ca. 850-ca. 1600
D CPS Margaret Nicholson manuscript material circa 1786-1794
D CPS John Frank Newton manuscript material 1817-1818
D CPS Cornelia Newton manuscript material 1813
D MSS George Endicott diary 1847
D CPS Daniel M'Kinnen manuscript material 1803
D MSS Notes to the Retreat of the English : a Yankee song containing a variety of facts, circumstances and anecdotes, relating to the late invasion of New Orleans by a member of the Mississippi Society K.R
D MSS Propaganda collection 1914-1975
D CPS Andrea Magnarotto manuscript material 1818
D CPS Pynson Wilmot Longdill manuscript material 1816
D MSS William Edgar papers 1750-1870
D MUS Burnside collection of American theater music manuscripts 19--
D MSS Edward Clark Potter papers 1866, 1890-1923
D CPS Margherita Cogni manuscript material 1819
D CPS Harry Buxton Forman manuscript material 1877-1913
D CPS Edward Du Bois manuscript material 1818
D CPS George Dyson manuscript material 1800
D CPS William and Richard Dry manuscript material 1811-1814
D CPS William Godwin manuscript material 1778-1836
D DAN Gala Performance to Save the Dance Collection photographs 1972 January 24
D MSS William H. Meyers diary 1838-1839
D MSS Litchfield family photograph collection 1870 - 1910
D MSS Dutchess County Anti-Slavery Society Executive Committee minutes 1837-1840
D THE Anita Arden scrapbooks 1920-1996
D MSS Diana Davies photographs 1969-1978
D MSS Oliver Cromwell letter to John Cotton 1651
D MSS Oscar Lion papers 1914-1955
D MSS Robert E. Lee engineering notebook 1841-1842
D MSS William Augustine Washington letters 1783-1785, circa 1810
D MSS Kip family papers 1664-1845
D MSS Description des principaux endroites de la mer du sud [...] 1696
D CPS Mary Hays manuscript material 1779-1807
D MSS Washington Irving papers 1759-1898
D MSS Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender periodical collection 1952-2006
D MSS Highland Notes 1905-1912
D MSS Compendio historico del los indios de Peru 1583
D CPS Creak & Capel manuscript material 1813
D CPS Robert Clarke manuscript material 1811
D CPS Pauline Clairmont manuscript material 1853-1885
D CPS Wilhelm Charles Gaulis Clairmont manuscript material : ca. 400 items 1840's-1870's
D CPS Antonia Clairmont manuscript material ca. 1839-1867
D CPS Thomas Charters manuscript material 1815-1844
D MSS George Bancroft collection 1606-1887
D CPS Catherine Gordon Byron manuscript material 1787-1810
D CPS Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux manuscript material 1802-1859
D CPS Harriet Collins Boinville manuscript material 1814
D CPS Anne Wagner album 1795-1834
D BRG William S. Burroughs papers 1951-1972
D MSS A particuler discourse concerninge the greate necessitie and manifolde commodyties that are like to growe to this realme of Englande by the westerne discoueries lately attempted, written in the yere 1854 1585
D MSS Adeline Oppenheim Guimard papers 1902-1953
D MSS British headquarters papers 1775-1783
D MSS Arabic manuscripts collection ca. 677-1893
D MSS Vito Marcantonio photographs 1930s-1950s
D MSS Diplomatic correspondence 1563-1565
D MSS The south part of Virginia, now the north part of Carolina / Nicholas C[o]mberford fe[c]itt anno 1657 1657
D MSS Walter L. Fleming papers 1685-1932
D MSS Schuyler Colfax papers ca. 1860-1880
D THE Souvenir collection of costume designs 1959-1969
D NYPLA Staff Association records 1917-1953
D MSS H.M.S. Aeolus and H.M.S. Norwich logbooks 1759-1762
D MSS Autograph verses and photographs of Southern poets of the Civil War circa 1860-1870
D MSS New Netherland papers 1630-1660
D THE Stead Collection 1672-1932
D MSS Isaac and Joshua Child papers 1816-1834
D CPS Madame de Staël manuscript material 1814-1816
D CPS Robert Southey manuscript material
D CPS Fanny Silvestrini manuscript material 1819-1820
D CPS Thirteen manuscript legal documents relating to the estate and property of Anne Lister and her family 1764-1886
D CPS Four manuscript letters of petition to Lord Byron from Venetian strangers ca. 1817-1819
D NYPLA Architect records ca. 1900-1980
D CPS Twenty-one manuscript letters to Lord Byron from Venetian women ca. 1817-1819
D CPS Isabella Teotochi Albrizzi manuscript material 1819-1823
D CPS Cardinal Rusconi manuscript material 1820
D MSS Farewell address 1796
D MSS Genet family papers ca. 1719-1925
D MSS Forgeries collection ca. 1850-ca. 1950
D MSS Thomas A. Larcom photographs collection 1857-1866
D MSS Thomas Addis Emmet collection 1483-1876
D THE Abe Burrows papers 1904-1993
D MSS Abraham Lincoln collection 1847-1864
D MSS ACT UP New York records 1969, 1982-1997
D MSS Albert S. Bard papers 1893-1962
D MSS Albert Tracy papers 1843-1893
D MSS Alexandre Vattemare papers 1817-1889
D MSS Alfred Williams Anthony collection 1679-1944
D THE Aline MacMahon papers 1899-1989
D MUS American broadsides collection ca. 1850-ca. 1900
D MSS American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society records 1895-1971
D THE Arthur Weyhe toy theatre collection 1812-1895
D MSS Artkraft Strauss records 1915-2011
D DAN Artur Michel papers 1832-1987
D SCM Asadata Dafora papers 1933-1963
D NYPLA Astor Library records 1839-1911
D MSS August Belmont papers ca. 1880-1938
D THE Avery Willard photographs 1919-1993
D THE Aviva Slesin collection of research and production materials for the ten-year lunch: the wit and legend of the Algonquin Round Table 1920s-1988
D MSS Babette Deutsch papers ca. 1880s-1982
D MSS Bacon cipher collection 1893-1948
D MSS Barbara Gittings and Kay Tobin Lahusen gay history papers and photographs 1855-2009
D MSS Bayard-Campbell-Pearsall families papers 1659-1898
D MSS Beale shorthand collection 1640-1910
D MSS Bertram David Wolfe papers 1924-1937
D MSS Bettye Lane Gay Rights Movement Photographs 1970-2007
D THE Booth-Grossman family papers 1840-1953
D THE Boris Aronson papers and designs 1923-2000
D MSS Bronson family papers 1790-1875
D THE Brooke Hayward papers 1911-1977
D MUS The Bruno Walter papers ca. 1887-ca. 1966
D MSS Bryant-Godwin papers 1804-1913
D MSS Camera Club of New York records 1889-1983
D MSS Century Company records 1870-1930s
D BRG Charles Dickens collection of papers 1833]-
D BRG Charles Lamb collection of papers 1797-1934
D THE Cheryl Crawford papers 1920-1986
D MSS Chester F. Carlson papers 1898-1975
D BRG Chester Kallman collection of papers 1937-1973
D THE Circle in the Square papers 1906-2004
D THE Circle Repertory Company records 1965-1996
D THE Clifford Odets papers 1926-1963
D THE Comden and Green papers 1933-2003
D MSS Committee of Fifteen records 1900-1901
D MSS Committee of Fourteen records 1905-1932
D MSS Constable-Pierrepont papers 1762-1911
D MSS Craig Rodwell papers 1940-1993
D DAN Craig-Duncan collection 1901-1957
D MSS Crane family papers 1819-1944
D THE David Belasco papers 1868-1967
D MSS David Fulton Karsner papers 1912-1929
D SCM Benjamin J. Davis papers 1949-1964
D THE Donald Oenslager papers and designs 1922-1982
D DAN Donald Saddler papers 1920-2010
D MSS Duyckinck family papers 1793-1889
D DAN Edith Segal Papers 1920-1997
D MSS Edith Wynner papers circa 1890-1999
D BRG Edna St. Vincent Millay collection of papers 1904-1974
D MSS Edward F. Caldwell Lighting Company Records 1900-1959
D THE Edward Harrigan papers 1871-1984
D THE Edward Kleban papers 1960-1986
D BRG Edward Thomas collection of papers 1892]-1939
D BRG Elizabeth Barrett Browning collection of papers 1764-
D MSS Elizabeth Van Lew papers 1862-1901
D THE Ellis Rabb papers 1930-1995 and undated
D MSS Ely family letters 1862-1864
D MSS Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Scholars records 1927-1949
D MSS Emigrant Savings Bank records 1841-1945
D MSS Emily Fowler Ford papers 1744-1893
D MSS Emma Goldman papers 1903-1940
D MSS Environmental Action Coalition records 1970-2001
D THE Eunice Stoddard papers 1913-1938
D MSS Ezra A. Carman papers 1827-1934
D MSS F. M. Esfandiary / FM-2030 papers 1943-2000
D DAN Fern Helscher papers circa 1910-1971
D THE Flo Ziegfeld-Billie Burke papers, 1907-1984
D MSS Florence Kelley papers 1836-1932
D MSS Ford autograph collection 1589-1898
D MSS Foster-Murphy collection 1900-1969
D BRG Frances Burney d'Arblay collection of papers 1653-1894
D MSS Frank J. Sprague papers 1874-1939
D MSS Frank P. Walsh papers 1896-1939
D MSS Frank Thompson photograph albums 1940-1953
D THE Franne Lee papers and designs 1969-1997
D MSS Fred F. French Companies Records 1902-1988
D MSS Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi papers 1871
D MSS Frederick W. Kobbé and Helen Jay De Bois genealogical research papers 1817-1944
D MUS Frédérique Petrides papers 19--
D NYPLA Free Circulating Libraries records 1880-1905
D MSS Gansevoort-Lansing collection 1650-1919
D MSS George Chalmers collection 1606-1817
D MSS George Clayton Foulk papers 1883-1887
D BRG George Eliot collection of papers 1841-1899
D BRG George Gissing collection of papers 1871-1954
D MSS George Kennan papers 1856-1987
D BRG George Moore collection of papers 1879]-
D MSS George Washington papers 1694-1979
D SCM Virginia Girvin collection 1891-1975
D MSS Gran Fury collection 1987-1995
D THE Greenwich Village Follies designs ca. 1920-1926 and undated
D THE Gypsy Rose Lee papers 1910-1970
D SCM Haiti : miscellaneous collections 1785-1970
D MSS Harold M. Fleming papers 1917-1971
D THE Harold Prince papers 1954-1999
D SCM Middleton "Spike" Harris papers 1929-1977
D MSS Harry Miller Lydenberg papers 1892-1961
D MUS Henry Cowell papers 1851-1994
D BRG Henry David Thoreau collection 1837-1917
D MSS Henry George papers ca. 1840-1950
D MSS Holger Cahill Papers 1907-1983
D MSS Horace Greeley papers 1831-1873
D THE Howard Bay designs and technical drawings 1934-1985
D MSS Hudson collection ca. 1647-1862
D MSS Ida M. Mellen papers 1884-1964
D MUS Irving Kolodin Papers 1844-1986
D MSS Isaac Goldberg papers 1919-1938
D BRG Isaac Rosenberg collection of papers 1912-1950
D MSS Isabel Florence Hapgood papers 1864-1922
D MSS Ivins family papers 1885-1961
D MSS J.G. Holland papers 1843-1881
D BRG Jack Butler Yeats collection of papers 1899-1955
D BRG Jack Kerouac Papers 1920-1977
D MSS Jacob Riis papers 1871-1916
D MSS James Riker papers 1660-1989
D BRG James Sibley Watson/The Dial Papers 1920-1972
D DAN Jerome Robbins collection of graphic works 193?-1998
D DAN Jerome Robbins Papers 1930-2001
D DAN Jerome Robbins personal papers 1896-2000 and undated
D DAN Jerome Robbins photographs ca. 1890-1994
D THE Jo Mielziner designs and technical drawings 1924-1976
D THE Jo Mielziner papers 1903-1976
D MSS John Bigelow papers 1839-1912
D SCM John Henrik Clarke papers 1937-1996
D MSS John Milton papers 1647-1882
D MSS John Quinn papers 1901-1926
D MSS John Shaw Billings papers 1862-1913
D DAN José Limón and Pauline Lawrence Limón photograph files 1910?-1972?
D DAN José Limón papers ca. 1927-1972
D THE Joseph Buloff papers 1925-1993
D BRG Joseph Conrad collection of papers 1885-1956
D THE Katharine Hepburn papers 1854-1997
D THE Kenn Duncan photograph archive circa 1960-1986
D THE L. J. Binns caricatures 1901-1915
D BRG Lady Gregory collection of papers 1873-
D MSS Lee Kohns collection ca. 1400-ca. 1900
D THE Leland Hayward papers 1920-1995
D MSS Levi P. Morton papers 1818-1920
D MSS Lewis Hine papers ca. 1908-ca. 1921
D MSS Liebmann collection of American historical documents relating to spiritous liquors 1665-1910
D THE Lillian Gish papers 1909-1992
D SCM Lily Yuen papers 1926-1992
D DAN Lincoln Kirstein papers ca. 1913-1994
D DAN Loie Fuller collection 1914-1928
D DAN Loie Fuller papers 1892-1913
D CPS George Gordon Byron, Lord Byron manuscript material 1807-1824
D SCM Lorraine Hansberry papers 1947-1988
D MSS Louis Waldman papers 1917-1971
D THE Lucille Lortel papers 1902-2000
D THE Luther Adler papers 1890-1984
D MSS Macmillan Company records 1889-1960
D THE Magic scrapbooks and posters 1851-1936, undated
D THE Margaret Barker papers circa 1800-1989
D MUS Margaret Carson papers 1935-2007
D THE Margaret E. Lynn Army Music and Theatre Collection 1967-1978
D BRG Marianne Moore collection of papers 1887-1975
D MSS Martin B. Duberman papers 1917-2010
D THE Mary Ellis papers 1897-2003
D CPS Mary Wollstonecraft Manuscript Material 1773-1797
D MUS Marya Freund papers relating to Arnold Schoenberg, (bulk 1912-1937) 1912-1966
D DAN Merce Cunningham Dance Company Choreographic records 1942-2003
D DAN The Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation, Inc. records 1938-2003
D MSS Methodist Episcopal Church records 1791-1945
D MSS Michael P. Riabouchinsky papers 1917-1960
D DAN Mikhail Mordkin papers circa 1885-1979
D MSS Miscellaneous Collections: Subjects
D MSS Frank E. Buttolph papers 1900-1921
D MSS Mitchell Kennerley papers 1917-1940
D MSS Montague collection of historical autographs ca. 1600-1900
D MSS Montague-Collier family papers 1863-1960
D MSS Monumentos Guadalupanos 1600-1900
D MSS Nathaniel Trumbull papers 1723-1824
D MSS National Board of Review of Motion Pictures records 1907-1971
D MSS National Civic Federation records 1894-1949
D MSS New York City miscellaneous collection 1614-1975
D MSS New York Genealogical and Biographical Society family files 1644-2002
D MUS New York Pro Musica records 1953-1988
D MSS New York Public Library Visual Materials 1875-
D THE New York Shakespeare Festival records 1954-1992
D MSS New York State Comptroller's Office canal records 1823-1856
D MSS New York Times Company records. General files 1836-2000
D MSS New York Typographical Union No. 6. records 1829-1988
D MSS New York World's Fair 1939 and 1940 Incorporated records 1935-1945
D MSS New Yorker records ca.1924-1984
D THE Olive Reeves-Smith Papers 1879-1964
D MSS George Gibbs collection of Oliver Wolcott correspondence 1789-1848
D BRG Oscar Wilde collection of papers 1880-1932
D MSS Patricia Cornwell collection 1841-1999
D THE Patricia Zipprodt papers and designs 1925-1999
D MUS Paul Jacobs collection 1895-1984
D MSS Paul Kester papers 1880-1933
D THE Paul Muni papers circa 1920-1967
D SCM Paul Robeson collection 1925-1956
D DAN Pauline Koner papers 1905-2000
D BRG Pelham Grenville Wodehouse collection of papers 1905-1975
D MSS Horace Grant Healey penmanship collection 1878-1911
D MSS People's Institute records 1883-1933
D CPS Percy Bysshe Shelley manuscript material 1809-1822
D THE Peter Stone papers 1757-2003
D THE Peter Wexler photographs and designs 1957-1996
D DAN Photographic negatives of dancers and dance companies 1944-1961
D MSS Pierre F. Simon collection of artists' letters 1787-1978
D MSS Pierre Toussaint papers 1793-1853
D THE Ping Chong Archive 1971-2008
D THE Playwrights' Company records 1938-1960
D MSS Poetry Society of America records ca. 1917-ca. 1948
D DAN Popular Balanchine dossiers 1927-2004
D THE R. H. Burnside collection circa 1905-1952
D MSS Raphael Lemkin papers 1947-1959
D MSS Raphael Patai papers 1903-2011
D THE Reza Abdoh collection of papers 1983-1999
D SCM Richard B. Moore papers 1902-1978
D THE Richard Barr and Clinton Wilder papers 1935-1982
D MSS Richard John Levy and Sally Waldman Sweet collection 1766-1935
D THE Richard Nelson papers and designs 1966-1996
D THE Richard Rodgers papers 1914-1989
D MUS Richard Rodgers scrapbooks 1916-1980
D MSS Richard Rogers Bowker papers 1856-1958
D MSS Richard Upjohn and Richard Michell Upjohn papers 1851-1914
D MSS Richard Watson Gilder papers 1855-1916
D THE Robert A. Wilson slides 1956-1969
D THE Robert Baral papers 1876-1980
D MSS Robert Brewster Stanton papers 1861-1960
D BRG Robert Browning collection of papers 1835?]-1933
D MSS Robert F. Byrnes collection of automat memorabilia 1912-1990s
D BRG Robert Graves collection of papers 1914-1975
D MSS Robert H. Davis papers 1871-1946
D MSS Robert Moses papers 1912-1980
D THE Robert Patrick papers circa 1940-1984
D BRG Robert Southey collection of papers 1793-1959
D MSS Robert Troup papers 1771-1870
D MSS Rosika Schwimmer papers 1890-1983
D MSS Ruth and Hermann Vollmer papers 1600s-1959
D THE Ruth Mitchell papers 1887-1999
D MSS Samuel Adams papers 1760-1803
D BRG Samuel Richardson collection of papers 1746-1761
D MSS Samuel Ward papers 1647-1912
D MSS Schieffelin family papers 1756-1907
D MSS Shaker manuscript collection 1780-1952
D BRG Siegfried Sassoon collection of papers 1905]-1975
D BRG Sir Arthur Conan Doyle collection of papers 1881-1944
D BRG Sir Leslie Stephen collection of papers 1859]-1939
D BRG Sir Walter Scott collection of papers 1796-1931
D SCM Slavery and the Abolition of the Slave Trade collection 1700-1925
D MSS Spalding baseball collection 1845-1913
D MSS Stanley M. Isaacs papers 1889-1962, 1930s-1940s
D MSS Stratemeyer Syndicate records 1832-1984
D MUS Sy Oliver papers ca. 1933-1990
D MSS Sydney Howard Gay papers ca. 1837-1886
D BRG T. S. Eliot collection of papers 1918-1989
D MUS The Oster collection [microform] : papers of Heinrich Schenker
D MSS Theodore Winthrop papers 1844-1860
D BRG Thomas Hardy collection of papers 1870-1964
D MSS Thomas Jefferson papers 1766-1826
D THE Tony Pastor collection 1863-1959
D MUS The Toscanini Legacy papers 1686-1993
D MSS Truman Capote papers circa 1924-1992
D SCM Universal Negro Improvement Association miscellaneous collection 1918-1948
D THE Camp Shows Publicity Records 1941-1955
D THE Uta Hagen and Herbert Berghof papers 1889-2004, undated
D MSS Victory Book Campaign records 1941-1944
D BRG Virginia Woolf collection of papers 1882-1984
D MSS Vito Marcantonio papers 1935-1953
D MSS Vito Russo papers 1969-1990
D BRG Vladimir Nabokov papers 1918-1987
D BRG W. H. Auden collection of papers 1809-1979
D SCM Writers' Program, New York City: Negroes of New York collection 1936-1941
D DAN Walter Terry papers 1913-1982
D MSS Ward family papers 1870-1953
D BRG Washington Irving collection of papers 1805]-1933
D SCM George W. Westerman papers 1862-1989
D MSS Whitney cookery collection ca. 1400-1895
D BRG Wilkie Collins collection of papers 1849-1890
D MSS William B. Osgood Field papers 1610-1952, n.d
D BRG William Butler Yeats collection of papers 1876-
D MSS William Conant Church papers 1863-1909
D MSS William Frey papers ca. 1860-1888
D MSS William Frothingham papers 1861-1935
D MSS William J. Wilgus papers 1895-1947
D MSS William Smith Jr. papers 1665-1912
D MSS William Williams papers 1902-1943
D MSS Yaddo records 1835-1997
D DAN Yvonne Patterson and William Dollar papers 1925-2002
D LHG Collection of photographs of New York City, New York State and more by Max Hubacher 1883-1971
D THE Ken Dewey Collection 1943-1987
D BRG Ralph Waldo Emerson collection of papers 1821-1912,(1837-1882)
D THE Friedman-Abeles photographs 1940-1980
D MSS Timothy Leary papers 1910-2009
D MSS United States Sanitary Commission records. Condensed historical matter 1861-1871
D THE Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer papers and designs 1960-2007
D DAN Edith Segal papers, Additions 1915-2014
D SCM Schomburg menu collection 1893-2000
D MUS George Avakian and Anahid Ajemian papers 1908-2013
D MSS James Madison papers 1773-1847
D MSS Tom Wolfe papers 1930-2016
D DAN Howarth Gurdjieff Archive 1910-2010
D THE Willa Kim collection of scripts 1946-1989
D THE Tony Straiges designs 1970-1994
D DAN Bruce Bisenz flamenco photographs 2005-2015
D DAN Ted Shawn papers, Additions 1833-1980
D THE Carl Van Vechten Theatre Photographs 1932-1943
D DAN Elaine Summers papers 1929-2019
D CPS Edward John Trelawny manuscript material 1817-1879
D RHA A. F. R. Lawrence papers 1888-1972
D DAN Carl Van Vechten Slides 1940-1964
D DAN Carolyn George Photographs circa 1800s-2007
D DAN George Platt Lynes Photographs 1933-circa 1990s
D DAN George Platt Lynes/Jack Woody Photographs 1933-1955
D MSS Peter Gansevoort, Jr. military papers 1754-1818
D MSS Bancker plans 1667-1821
D DAN Dudley Williams papers 1938-2014
D THE Caffe Cino posters 1960-1968
D MSS The Life of Robert Fulton / by Cadwallader D. Colden ; illustrated by Thos. Addis Emmet M.D 1887
D MAP Collection of broadside real estate maps announcing auctions of lots in early 19th century New York City 1832-1837
D MSS Miscellaneous Collections: U.S. States and Territories
D MUS Otto F. Hess Photographs 1936-1949
D CPS Jane Porter papers 1786-1851
D SCM Bill Gunn papers approximately 1950-1989
D DAN Fred Fehl photographs 1940 - 1993
D DAN Photographs of Ruth Page circa 1930-1950
D MUS Lou Reed papers 1958-2015
D THE Willa Kim designs 1905-2014
D DAN Frederick Melton photographs 1949-1954
D BRG William Beekman Collection of Virginia Woolf and Her Circle 1731-1941
D MUS Salvatore Mercuri Velvet Underground collection 1960s-2017
D MUS Giuditta Pasta correspondence 1816-1864, undated
D MUS Music Division Rare Iconography 1837-1976, undated
D THE Joan Marcus photographs 1980-2019
D DAN Joffrey Ballet Company records 1877-2017
D SCM John W. Cooper collection 1887-2001, 1897-1947
D THE Carol Rosegg photographs 1978-2018
D SCP Schomburg Daguerreotype collection 1840s to 1850s
D MSS Fifty-seven early New York documents 1673-1799