Found 8 collections related to Shorthand

Harman, Phillip E
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 1321
1.5 linear feet (5 boxes)
Phillip E. Harman lived in Los Angeles, California. Collection consists of Harman's diaries from March 30, 1947 to February 16, 1973. Diaries concern his daily activities and are written in Gregg shorthand.
Patten, H.W
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 5994
.4 linear feet (1 box)
H.W. Patten was a shorthand writer and teacher who collected samples from shorthand reporters. Collection consists of two volumes of letters, shorthand samples and printed matter relating to shorthand. Incoming letters, 1876-1914, to Patten are... more
Mares, G. C. (George Carl)
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 1874
.4 linear feet (1 box)
George Carl Mares was a British shorthand inventor and author. Collection consists of the manuscripts of monographs about shorthand by Mares.
Ralph, John, 1824-1885
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 2521
.2 linear feet (1 box)
John Ralph was an 18th century English shorthand writer. Commonplace book, 1757-1794, was written in an English shorthand system probably developed by John Ralph. Front end papers of the volume contain information about Ralph's marriage and the... more
Gurney, Joseph, 1744-1815
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 1266
.2 linear feet (1 box)
Joseph Gurney (1744-1815) and William Brodie Gurney (1777-1855) were English shorthand writers to both houses of Parliament. Ledger, 1800-1807, is an account book which was used to record payments for work in the law courts, the House of Lords,... more
Rockwell, Julius Ensign, 1860-1926
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 2595
.8 linear feet (2 boxes)
Julius Ensign Rockwell (1860-1926) was a bibliographer and stenographer for the U.S. Dept. of the Interior and Bureau of Education. He collected textbooks, Bibles and prayer books written in various shorthand systems. Collection consists of... more
Bridge, William Dawson, 1840-
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 389
.4 linear feet (1 box)
William Dawson Bridge (1840-1926), a minister and author, was also a professor of shorthand who invented a shorthand system. Collection consists of five manuscript volumes with lecture notes in an unidentified shorthand system. The notes were... more
O'Keefe, David H
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 2278
10 linear feet (19 boxes)
David H. O'Keefe was a shorthand reporter in New York City, active between 1880 and 1926. He was managing editor of Shorthand & Typewriting News, librarian and editor of the New York State Stenographers Association, contributor of shorthand... more