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Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 143
.21 linear feet (1 volume)
Manuscript written in England in 1674 by an unknown author, divided into chapters which respond to criticisms and alleged misunderstandings of astrology. Contains many Biblical allusions and argues that astrology is not witchcraft. Includes "An... more
Brookes, Joshua, 1761-1833
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 404
.21 linear feet (1 volume)
Account book of annuity with Joshua Brookes in England, 1784-1810
Wilson, George
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 971
.15 linear feet (1 volume)
These logbooks were kept by George Wilson on board the H. M. Ships Falcon and Pluto. The Falcon's log entries date from October 19, 1829 through December 5, 1831 while the ship was off the coast of Africa and in the West Indies and England. It... more
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