Collections with Recently Digitized Content

Division Title Dates
D THE R. H. Burnside collection circa 1905-1952
D MSS Richard John Levy and Sally Waldman Sweet collection 1766-1935
D MSS William Barclay Parsons collection of Robert Fulton manuscripts 1796-1919
D MSS Hudson collection ca. 1647-1862
D DAN George Platt Lynes Photographs 1933-circa 1990s
D DAN Jerome Robbins photographs ca. 1890-1994
D DAN Frederick Melton photographs 1949-1954
D THE Boris Aronson papers and designs 1923-2000
D THE New York Shakespeare Festival records 1954-1992
D MSS Merle De Vore Johnson papers 1849-1935
D MSS Harry Miller Lydenberg papers 1892-1961
D MSS American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society records 1895-1971
D MSS Emma Mills correspondence 1920-1946
D MUS Irving Kolodin Papers 1844-1986
D MSS Richard Upjohn and Richard Michell Upjohn papers 1851-1914
D MSS Carl Van Vechten papers 1833-1965
D BRG Virginia Woolf collection of papers 1882-1984
D MSS Ford, Roelker, Turle family papers 1811-1984
D MSS H.L. Mencken papers 1905-1956
D NYPLA Edwin Hatfield Anderson records 1913-1934
D DAN Fern Helscher papers circa 1910-1971
D MSS Yaddo records 1835-1997
D MSS Century Company records 1870-1930s
D THE Reza Abdoh collection of papers 1983-1999
D THE Willa Kim designs 1905-2014
D MSS New Yorker records ca.1924-1984
D BRG Lady Gregory collection of papers 1873-
D SCM Mamie Casey and William Dye Smith letters 1899-1920
D BRG William Butler Yeats collection of papers 1876-
D MSS Berenice Abbott papers 1927-1992
D MSS John Quinn papers 1901-1926
D BRG George William Russell collection of papers 1891-1935
D MSS Gansevoort-Lansing collection 1650-1919