Collections with Recently Digitized Content

Division Title Dates
D THE New York Shakespeare Festival records 1954-1992
D DAN Artur Michel papers 1832-1987
D BRG Frances Burney d'Arblay collection of papers 1653-1894
D THE R. H. Burnside collection circa 1905-1952
D MUS Lou Reed papers 1958-2015
MSS Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi papers 1871
D MSS Gansevoort-Lansing collection 1650-1919
D MSS Brown Brothers & Company records 1825-1889
D MSS Ernst Papanek papers 1928-1976
D MSS International Gay Information Center ephemera files - Subjects
D MSS ACT UP New York records 1969, 1982-1997
D MSS International Gay Information Center collection. Ephemera - Bars
D DAN David Lichine and Tatiana Riabouchinska papers 1920-1981
D MSS Arthur Bell papers 1970-1978
D MSS Robert Fulton collection 1767-1816
D CPS Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley manuscript material 1815-1850
D BRG Sean O'Casey collection of papers 1904-1964
D MSS Alexander Jackson Davis papers 1791-1937
D MSS Philip Schuyler papers 1705-1864
D MSS Bettye Lane Gay Rights Movement Photographs 1970-2007
D THE Jo Mielziner papers 1903-1976
D MSS Barbara Gittings and Kay Tobin Lahusen gay history papers and photographs 1855-2009
D SCM James Haughton Papers
D SCM American Negro Theatre records 1940-1981
D SCM Babette Edwards Education Reform in Harlem collection 1964-2006
D MSS Emily Ellsworth Ford Skeel papers 1871-1958
D MSS Pierre F. Simon collection of artists' letters 1787-1978
D MSS Eugenia Hughes papers 1861-1964
D MSS Nathan Straus papers 1840-1990
D DAN Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation, Inc. records, Additions 1890-2012
D THE Jay Gorney papers 1896-1993
D MSS Augusta Melville papers 1796-1863
D MSS Century Company records 1870-1930s
D DAN Jerome Robbins photographs ca. 1890-1994
D DAN Walter Terry papers 1913-1982
D DAN John Martin papers 1890-1985
D DAN Constantine Photograph Collection 1939-1951
D MSS International Gay Information Center ephemera files - Organizations 1959-2000
D RHA A. F. R. Lawrence papers 1888-1972
D MUS Alan Shulman papers 1924-2005
D CPS George Gordon Byron, Lord Byron manuscript material 1807-1824
D MSS Mattachine Society, Inc. of New York Records 1951-1976
D THE Arthur Weyhe toy theatre collection 1812-1895
D THE Elaine Stritch papers 1925-2012
D THE Ruth Mitchell papers 1887-1999