Collections with Recently Digitized Content

Division Title Dates
D THE Reza Abdoh collection of papers 1983-1999
D THE Willa Kim designs 1905-2014
D THE New York Shakespeare Festival records 1954-1992
D MSS New Yorker records ca.1924-1984
D BRG Lady Gregory collection of papers 1873-
D SCM Mamie Casey and William Dye Smith letters 1899-1920
D BRG William Butler Yeats collection of papers 1876-
D MSS Berenice Abbott papers 1927-1992
D MSS John Quinn papers 1901-1926
D BRG George William Russell collection of papers 1891-1935
D MSS Gansevoort-Lansing collection 1650-1919
D BRG Virginia Woolf collection of papers 1882-1984
D MSS Gay Men's Health Crisis records 1975-1978, 1982-1999
D MSS National American Woman Suffrage Association records 1894-1922
D MSS Montague collection of historical autographs ca. 1600-1900
MSS Robert Stone papers 1950-2012
D DAN Jerome Robbins personal papers 1896-2000 and undated
D DAN Jerome Robbins Papers 1930-2001
D MSS Jeanne Manford papers 1972-1995
D MSS August Belmont papers ca. 1880-1938
D THE Jules Fisher collection of Jo Mielziner Designs 1926-1969, 2003
D BRG Jack Butler Yeats collection of papers 1899-1955
D BRG George Eliot collection of papers 1841-1899
D MUS The Oster collection [microform] : papers of Heinrich Schenker
D DAN Jerome Robbins collection of graphic works 193?-1998
D THE Jo Mielziner papers 1903-1976
MSS Raphael Patai papers 1903-2011
D MSS Ruth and Hermann Vollmer papers 1600s-1959
D MSS Committee of Fifteen records 1900-1901
D MSS Gran Fury collection 1987-1995
D MSS Elizabeth Oakes Prince Smith papers ca. 1834-1893
D THE Harold Prince papers 1954-1999
D THE Ping Chong Archive 1971-2008
D THE Sy Friedman Photographs 1958-1981
D THE John Golden papers 1874-1971
D THE Mary Bryant papers 1950-1994
D MSS Barbara Gittings and Kay Tobin Lahusen gay history papers and photographs 1855-2009
D BRG Sir Arthur Conan Doyle collection of papers 1881-1944
MSS Edward F. Caldwell Lighting Company Records 1900-1959
D THE Ruth Mitchell papers 1887-1999
D THE Harry K. Morton family scrapbooks and memorabilia 1880-1950
D DAN Merce Cunningham Dance Company Choreographic records 1942-2003
D THE Donald Oenslager papers and designs 1922-1982
D THE Boris Aronson papers and designs 1923-2000