Collections Added Since January 2020

Division Title Dates Extent
APR MUS BMI Student Composers' Awards scores 1951-2019 10.25 linear feet
APR MUS Song slides [graphic] : reproductions of lantern slides illustrating early 20th century popular songs photographed ca. 1900-1914; reproduced 1980
APR MUS Judith Ren-Lay papers 1981-2005 0.63 linear feet
APR SCM Ludlow W. and Georgianna Werner papers 1919-1980 2.5 linear feet
APR THE Dr. Saram R. Ellison scrapbooks 1832-1918 6.13 linear feet
MAR THE Marian Winters papers 1936-1979 4.75 linear feet
MAR THE Century Flashlight Photographers circus photographs 1928-1936
MAR THE Century Flashlight Photographers circus photographs 1924-1938
MAR THE Houdiniana 1898-1989 0.68 linear feet
MAR SCM The Wisdom of Sun Ra Collection circa 1950s 0.42 linear feet
MAR SCM Octavia Butler Papers 1980s 0.01 linear feet
MAR SCM Nation of Islam membership roster 1964 - 2011 0.01 linear feet
MAR SCM Bill Gunn playscripts 1986 - 2003 0.21 linear feet
MAR SCM Bantu Stephen Biko letters 1973 - 1977 0.01 linear feet
MAR BRG Duckworth-Hills papers circa 1860-1955 0.67 linear feet
MAR SCM Oscar Micheaux papers 1871 - 1951 3.98 linear feet
FEB MUS Joseph Muller drawings 1920-1939, undated 8.7 linear feet
FEB SCM Everett Redd papers 1945-2006 0.42 linear feet
FEB MUS Salvatore Mercuri Velvet Underground collection 1960s-2017 4.78 linear feet
FEB MUS Joelle Wallach papers 1940s-2019 4.46 linear feet
FEB SCM Black Women at Oberlin College Survey Project collection 1982-2001 0.2 linear feet
FEB SCM Tuskegee Airmen Trainees : Freeman Field Mutiny collection 1944-1996 0.2 linear feet
FEB SCM Donna Allegra papers 1981-2002 0.4 linear feet
JAN SCM Charles "Cookie" Cook collection 1920s-1995 0.25 linear feet
JAN THE Builders Association records 1983-2014 27.18 linear feet
JAN DAN Martha Graham legal papers 1945-1948 0.21 linear feet
JAN SCM William Dye Smith papers 1898-1946 1.46 linear feet
JAN DAN Maxine Glorsky papers 1971-2001 8.13 linear feet
JAN THE Geraldine Fitzgerald papers 1944-1990s 6.83 linear feet
JAN DAN Don Redlich papers 1893-2019 9.42 linear feet
JAN THE Louise Kerz Hirschfeld collection 1928-2017 0.98 linear feet
JAN BRG Words and the Word (Sermon) : typescript with holograph revisions circa 1965 October 24 0.1 linear feet
JAN SCM June Jackson Christmas papers 1925-2008 9.25 linear feet
JAN MSS George Plimpton papers 1902-2008 120.56 linear feet
JAN MSS May Heaven propitious every bliss convey : manuscript / Salley Apthorp 1777 0.1 linear feet
JAN MSS John Fury and Katy Armstead marriage certificate 1824 April 24 0.1 linear feet
JAN SCM Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee papers 1932-2015 73.67 linear feet
JAN SCM Storḿé DeLarveríé papers 1980-2014 4.0 linear feet