Collections Added Since January 2019

Division Title Dates Extent
OCT SCM Obi Egbuna papers 1960-2014 2.62 linear feet
OCT SCM Reginald Walker collection 1977-1989 0.88 linear feet
OCT BRG Sean O'Casey letter to [J. H. Perrin?] 1926 November 18 0.1 linear feet
OCT SCM Carnegie-Myrdal Study of the Negro in America research memoranda collection: additions 1940-1942
OCT BRG Letters from James Joyce and George Joyce to Richard Wallace 1922, 1926 0.08 linear feet
OCT SCM Guichard Parris collection 1936-1983 1.4 linear feet
SEP MUS Lou Reed Collection of Books and Periodicals 1960-2012, undated 9.5 linear feet
SEP MSS Jean Stein papers 1916-2016 122.13 linear feet
SEP DAN Nancy Reynolds collection 1980-2014 33.13 linear feet
SEP DAN Sonia Arova collection 1946-2013 0.84 linear feet
SEP MSS D. M. Anderson medical casebook 1865-1869 0.1 linear feet
SEP SCM Louise Evans Briggs-Hall theatre collection 1941-1992
AUG MUS Éva Gauthier collection of published scores circa 1905 - 1958 20.0 linear feet
AUG BRG William Targ papers concerning Henry Roth 1971-1983 0.21 linear feet
AUG THE Otto Harbach papers, Additions 1923-1979 1.58 linear feet
AUG RHA William Schimmel video recordings 1995-2013 0.21 linear feet
AUG DAN Barbara Newman dance interviews 1975-2010 2.92 linear feet
AUG THE Michael Friedman papers 1980-2018 3.87 linear feet
AUG MUS Stan Applebaum papers 1940-2007 6.54 linear feet
D AUG MSS William Wilson family papers 1792-1884 1.26 linear feet
AUG DAN Frederick Melton photographs 1949-1954 0.84 linear feet
AUG DAN W. H. Stephan photographs 1949-1959 3.58 linear feet
JUL THE The Acting Company records 1968-2017 49.87 linear feet
JUL THE Willa Kim designs 1905-2014 63.26 linear feet
JUL MUS William P. Gottlieb Photographs 1938-1948 1.67 linear feet
JUN MUS Alvin Thaler Photographs of The Sound of Jazz 1957
JUN DAN Alfredo Valente negatives 1934-1958 7.67 linear feet
MAY MUS Correspondence between Maria Callas and Dorle Soria 1950-1982 0.42 linear feet
MAY DAN Changing Times Tap Dancing Company collection 1943-2017 7.72 linear feet
MAY BRG Michael J. Dolan papers regarding the Abbey Theatre 1923-1940 0.13 linear feet
APR BRG Jack B. Yeats letter to John Quinn with mock patent of nobility 0.1 linear feet
APR CPS Scrapbooks on Sarah Siddons 1780-1837
APR MSS Joseph Campbell papers 1905-1995 83.65 linear feet
APR CPS Collection of drawings and various papers once belonging to Elizabeth Morgan
APR CPS Helene Richter manuscript material
APR CPS Scene of Shelley's last years. [cartographic material]
APR CPS Yachting diary of Jane, Lady Shelley
APR DAN Radford Bascome collection circa 1950-1959 2.29 linear feet
APR BRG Kenneth Koch letters 1961, 1967 0.08 linear feet
APR CPS Joanna Baillie manuscript material
APR THE Biff Liff papers 1906-2014 6.05 linear feet
APR DAN Anita Feldman Tap collection 1961-2017 5.43 linear feet
APR RHA Irving Teibel papers 1950-2011 4.83 linear feet
MAR BRG Joseph Conrad letter and Elbridge L. Adams typescript 1923 0.1 linear feet
MAR DAN Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company records 1970-2016 77.57 linear feet
MAR MSS Truman Capote papers regarding "Houston Diary" 1973-1974 0.46 linear feet
FEB MSS Sarah Yardley Beers family papers 1807-1983 1.35 linear feet
D FEB MUS Lou Reed papers 1958-2015 91.0 linear feet
JAN DAN Charles Payne collection 1929-1983 38.3 linear feet
JAN BRG Remarks occassioned [sic] by poetry : typescript with corrections / E. Estlin Cummings 1916 May 29
JAN BRG Áu revoir a l'art -- Period 394 : autograph manuscript 1944 November 16
JAN MSS Rafael Sala papers relating to the America's Making exposition 1920-1921 0.21 linear feet