Collections Added Since January 2021

Division Title Dates Extent
JUN DAN Eugene Berman works circa 1940-1949
MAY DAN Joffrey Ballet Company records 1877-2017
MAY SCM Maxine Sullivan jazz oral history project interview, Rutgers University 1980
MAY SCM Olivia Pearl Stokes papers : additions 1972-1992
MAY SCM American Bridge Association records 1933-2004
MAY SCM Aundrie Robinson papers 1987-2000
MAY SCM Anna Jackson Smith papers 1929-1998
MAY THE Joan Marcus photographs 1980-2019
APR DAN Margaret Fisher papers 1970s-2019
MAR THE David Shaw television and radio scripts 1941-1977
MAR MUS Henry Grimes papers 1957-2018
MAR RHA Rodgers and Hammerstein Archives of Recorded Sound photographs 1905-1985, undated
MAR SCM Black film pressbook collection ca. 1935-1974
MAR SCM Autograph collection
MAR SCM Joseph Raspberry collection 1924-2004
MAR SCM Schomburg Center scrapbooks 1886-1968
MAR THE J. Peter Happel photographs 1950-1980s
MAR SCM John Edward Bruce papers: additions 1888-1918
FEB MSS Letters of Connecticut families 1853-1864
FEB SCM Vincent Jubilee letters 1978-1995
FEB SCM William Henry and Sadie Winslow papers 1640-1997
FEB SCM Lee A. Nelson letters 1932-1936
FEB SCM Documentation de la Gauche Haitienne 1938-1999
FEB SCM <span class="title">James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket</span> documentary film collection ca. 1989
FEB SCM SAGE Harlem Legend in My Living Room transcripts 2015
FEB MSS Charles Silverstein papers 1957-2019
JAN DAN Cynthia Gregory papers 1946-2017
JAN THE Elizabeth Swados papers, Additions 1950-2014
JAN MUS Michael Shamberg papers 1952-2019
JAN SCM Bill Adler hip-hop research collection 1980s-2013
JAN SCM Djola Branner papers ca. 1983-2010
JAN SCM Raven Chanticleer papers 1935-2006
JAN SCM Black Men's Xchange (BMX) New York records 1993-2007
JAN SCM Sharon Bridgforth papers 1989-2015
JAN SCL Sonny Rollins audio and moving image collection
JAN SCM Théodore Étienne de Saint-Léger collection 1828-1858
JAN SCM Rosa Guy papers ca. 1970-2010
JAN SCM Lavender Light Gospel Choir collection 1997-2003
JAN SCM Gary Batson collection 1979-2012
JAN SCM Raoul Abdul papers 1949-2009
JAN SCM Max Bissainthe research collection 1800s-1950s
JAN BRG Howard Griffin papers 1938-1975
JAN MSS Thomas J. Taylor business records 1885-1922