Collections Added Since January 2017

Division Title Dates Extent
APR THE Caffe Cino posters 1960-1968
APR SCM James Baldwin papers 1936-1992 30.4 linear feet
APR DAN Cynthia Newport Dance Cuba archive 2000-2011 5.54 linear feet
APR MSS Daniel Webster letters and documents 1823-1941 0.21 linear feet
APR MUS Teresa Stratas papers 1938-2016 41.56 linear feet
APR SCM Beauford Delaney letters 1958-1963
MAR SCM Robert Van Lierop papers 1965-2001 36.96 linear feet
MAR MSS Island of Cuba Tax Statements book 1894-1895 0.06 linear feet
MAR MSS Orient Hotel guest register 1910 0.14 linear feet
MAR MSS New York State Supreme Court register 1798-1807 0.17 linear feet
MAR MSS John H. Remsen ledgers 1795-1798 1.69 linear feet
MAR DAN Dudley Williams papers 1938-2014 17.79 linear feet
MAR MSS Work-Book No. 2 : Commencing Anno 1759 / Franklin and Hall 1759-1766, 1782-1789 0.1 linear feet
FEB DAN Laura Foreman and John Watts papers 1965-1984 1.34 linear feet
FEB MUS Ford Foundation scores 1960-1987 6.12 linear feet
FEB THE Roger Berlind Productions collection of scripts 1983-2013 13.44 linear feet
FEB MSS Patti Smith notebooks and manuscripts 1970s-2014 0.42 linear feet
FEB MSS Bard & Calkins records 1876-1960 76.52 linear feet
FEB MSS Edith Wynner peace and world government collection circa 1945-1985 44.0 linear feet
FEB MUS Symphony Space records 1978-2016 80.34 linear feet
FEB MSS Michael Horowitz collection on Timothy Leary 1932-2015 9.28 linear feet
FEB THE Desmond Heeley designs and production files circa 1880s-2016 5.81 linear feet
FEB RBK Pulp Novels 1915-2004, undated 57.12 linear feet
JAN MSS Andrew Carnegie letters 1868-1914 0.1 linear feet
JAN MSS William Augustine Washington letters 1783-1785, circa 1810 0.1 linear feet
JAN MSS Bancker plans 1667-1821 3.31 linear feet
JAN DAN Gilda Navarra archives 1926-2007 6.4 linear feet
JAN THE Al Hirschfeld papers 1905-2006 49.12 linear feet
JAN MSS Rosemary Woodruff Leary papers 1935-2006 11.15 linear feet
JAN DAN Nanette Bearden Contemporary Dance Theatre records 1976-2007 0.42 linear feet
JAN THE Edward Albee The Man Who Had Three Arms typescript and galleys 1984 0.21 linear feet
JAN THE Elizabeth Swados papers 1972-2016 39.39 linear feet