Collections Added Since January 2018

Division Title Dates Extent
DEC CPS Commonplace book of verses, epigrams, and riddles
DEC CPS Mount Cashell-Tighe-Cini family papers
DEC CPS Two manuscript poems on the death of Queen Caroline
DEC MUS Christian Wolff papers 1947-2017 13.37 linear feet
DEC THE Dan Langan collection 1927-2016 2.5 linear feet
NOV CPS Thomas Jefferson Hogg manuscript material
NOV CPS Holograph notebook
NOV CPS Prudentia Lonsdale manuscript material
NOV CPS Prudentia Hogg manuscript material
NOV CPS Louisa Hogg manuscript material
NOV CPS Letters relating to Caroline Norton and the case of Norton v. Melbourne
NOV CPS Bibliotheca Nortoniensis catalogus : a catalogue of books, in the library, late belonging to John Hogg, Esq.r, deceased, taken January 26th, 1824
NOV CPS John Hogg manuscript material
NOV THE David Morgan collection of film stills 1920-2000 3.96 linear feet
NOV SCM Ellen Tarry papers 1937-1999 7.6 linear feet
NOV CPS Six manuscript elegies for Princess Charlotte
NOV CPS Anonymous transcript of epitaphs from early 19th century English tombstones
NOV CPS Thomas Hardy manuscript material
NOV CPS Cecilia Smith commonplace book of poetry
NOV DAN Marjorie Gamso collection 1969-2015 0.75 linear feet
NOV LHG Fifth Avenue from Start to Finish photographs 2014-2018
NOV SCM Margaret Bonds papers 1939 - 1972 5.4 linear feet
NOV SCM Malcolm X manuscripts circa 1963-1965 1.37 linear feet
NOV DAN Photographs of Ruth Page circa 1930-1950 0.25 linear feet
NOV MSS Timothy Leary letters to Joanna Harcourt-Smith 1973-1976 0.21 linear feet
NOV MSS William Ronckendorff papers 1844-1896 0.21 linear feet
OCT SCM Anne Forrester collection 1955-2006 2.0 linear feet
OCT MSS Sidney Tillim papers 1930s-2010 48.78 linear feet
OCT DAN Fred Fehl photographs 1940 - 1993 18.14 linear feet
OCT DAN Anita O'Gara collection of costume designs 19th Century, circa 1917-1969 0.35 linear feet
OCT DAN Judith Dunn collection 1963-1978 0.42 linear feet
OCT MUS Eddie Condon papers late 1800s-2010 3.71 linear feet
OCT DAN Dancing in the Streets records 1983-2015 10.21 linear feet
OCT DAN James and Charles Daugherty collection 1915-1938 0.3 linear feet
OCT SCM Marie Joe Browne collection 1868-1999 1.2 linear feet
OCT DAN Joan Duddy collection 1951-2014 6.25 linear feet
OCT SCM West Indian collection 1716-1857
SEP DAN Costas dance photographs 1966 - 2016 28.15 linear feet
SEP SCM Arthur Alfonso Schomburg papers (additions) 1902-1939 0.63 linear feet
SEP DAN Arnold Eagle dance photograph collection 1934 - 1965 17.55 linear feet
SEP DAN Gala Performance to Save the Dance Collection photographs 1972 January 24 0.38 linear feet
SEP SCM Arthur Alfonso Schomburg collection 1874-2014 0.21 linear feet
SEP MSS Harold Ross letters to William Shawn 1942-1947 0.1 linear feet
SEP MSS Theodric Romeyn Beck autograph collection 0.21 linear feet
SEP MSS Simon Gratz collection of letters of American physicians and surgeons 1756-1880 0.21 linear feet
SEP SCM Lawrence D. Reddick World War II project 1943-1953 4.0 linear feet
SEP SCM Anthony Horton papers 2000-2010 0.3 linear feet
SEP SCM Albert J. Luthuli papers 1906-1975
SEP SCM Bill Gunn papers approximately 1950-1989
AUG RHA Rodgers and Hammerstein Archives of Recorded Sound Technology Files 1938-2000 4.5 linear feet
AUG SCM Sonny Rollins papers 1910s-2015 73.43 linear feet
AUG DAN Murray Spalding papers circa 1953-2011 4.75 linear feet
AUG DAN Nancy Meehan papers 1953-2011 11.21 linear feet
AUG DAN Hyla Roberts collection 1930-2000 0.21 linear feet
AUG DAN Pina Bausch collection 1980-1999 0.21 linear feet
AUG THE Donald Brinkley collection 1946-1987 17.92 linear feet
AUG DAN Mura Dehn collection 1905-1985 3.6 linear feet
AUG CPS Robert Ker Porter manuscript material
AUG CPS Jane Porter papers
AUG CPS Jane Porter manuscript material
AUG CPS Anna Maria Porter manuscript material
JUL MSS Mercantile collection 1726-1950 3.06 linear feet
JUL DAN Craig Miller designs and papers 1968-1994 30.12 linear feet
JUL THE Wally Harper papers 1960-2009 4.29 linear feet
JUL THE The Springer Opera House collection of Abe Feder lighting designs 1932-2004 30.93 linear feet
JUL MUS Russell Oberlin papers 1930-2016 6.83 linear feet
JUL THE Naked Angels records 1987-2013 7.01 linear feet
JUL MSS Simeon Baker papers 1796-1848 0.2 linear feet
JUN MSS John Ripley letters 1795-1798 0.1 linear feet
JUN MSS David W. Wetmore letters and documents 1822-1869 0.1 linear feet
JUN MSS Letters to Joel Munsell regarding Wetmore family genealogy 1860-1862 0.1 linear feet
JUN MSS William Coventry letters and documents 1750-1768 0.1 linear feet
JUN MSS William Coit letters and documents 1782-1785 0.1 linear feet
D JUN MSS Port Washington Public Library Gallery Talks 1971-1995 2.2 linear feet
JUN MSS In Bashi-boo : a play in two acts, typescript carbon copy 1920
JUN MSS Abstracts relating to lands from 65th to 72nd Streets owned by William H. Vanderbilt and the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company circa 1878-1908 0.1 linear feet
JUN DAN David Gordon/Pickup Company records 1957-2017 34.75 linear feet
MAY MUS American Music Center collection of published scores 1900-2001 791.0 linear feet
MAY MSS Augusta Melville papers 1796-1863 1.46 linear feet
MAY SCM Nécessité da la Société industrielle haĭtienne [microform] 1923
MAY CPS Translations of amatory poems, songs, &c., &c., in Le printemps et l'amour, ou Le baiser charmant, chansonnier. A.D. 1827
MAY CPS Ward's diary, or Journal of a tour in France & Italy, A.D. 1826, & of a residence in those countries, A.D. 1827
MAY CPS Adelais / by John Taaffe
MAY CPS Mission, statutes, regulations, calendar and secret codes of L'ordre du Lion
MAY CPS Eliza A. J. sketchbook
MAY CPS Holograph notebook of poems 1815-1835
MAY CPS Memoirs of a most beloved and affectionate wife 1817
MAY CPS Autograph letter to a young Englishman studying abroad 1803
MAY CPS Henry Willoughby, Lord Middleton manuscript material 1812
MAY CPS Henry Pelham-Clinton, Duke of Newcastle manuscript material 1812
MAY CPS La Bagatelle album of poems and riddles
MAY CPS Hartland family account book
MAY MSS Dutilh & Wachsmuth letters and accounts 1783-1806 0.01 linear feet
APR MUS Tom Blau Photographs of the Indigo Jazz Club c. 1960 1.5 linear feet
APR DAN Photographs of dancers 1932-1942
APR MSS Gilbert Jenkins Jr. letters sent 1833-1835 0.21 linear feet
APR MUS Collection of Beatles promotional magazines 1964-1991 0.5 linear feet
APR MSS Louis D. Carman collection 1828-1923 0.42 linear feet
APR MUS Emanuel Bay collection of autographed photographs 1910-1961 1.17 linear feet
APR DAN Barbara Arnest collection of Hanya Holm material 1965-1986 1.83 linear feet
APR MUS William Mayer papers 1956-2016 4.0 linear feet
APR MUS Andrei Ussov photographs 1986-1991 2.0 linear feet
APR MSS Alexander E. MacDonald scrapbook, letters and documents 1873-1902 0.21 linear feet
APR MUS Juilliard String Quartet Collection 1950-1967 0.21 linear feet
MAR MUS Stage Door Canteen photographs 1943-1945 1.0 linear feet
MAR MSS Camilla and Earl McGrath papers 1910s-2016 124.41 linear feet
MAR MSS Rufus & James Backus letters received 1794 0.1 linear feet
MAR MSS William Wilson letter book 1757-1760 0.1 linear feet
FEB MSS National Child Welfare Association Girl Scouts posters 1918 0.2 linear feet
FEB MSS Jonathan Lawrence papers 1765-1810 0.1 linear feet
FEB MSS William R. Rodman letters to Jacob Barker 1835-1839 0.1 linear feet
FEB MUS Otto F. Hess photographs 1936-1961 7.0 linear feet
FEB MSS Leonard de Neufville letters received 1786-1790 0.1 linear feet
FEB MSS Jeremiah Briggs letters received 1832-1852 0.1 linear feet
FEB MSS Thomas Pratt account books 1754-1765 0.1 linear feet
FEB MSS J. Warren Brown papers 1855-1906 0.21 linear feet
FEB MSS John Bellamy arithmetic exercise book and ledger 1788-1832 0.1 linear feet
FEB MSS Jonathan Schell papers 1948-2014 65.0 linear feet
JAN MSS Wood Brothers letters received 1877-1878 0.83 linear feet
JAN MSS Taylor & Newman letters received 1807-1809 0.01 linear feet
JAN MSS Henry B. Carr Boat Club records 1865-1866 0.01 linear feet
JAN MSS American Black Sea Line records 1922 0.01 linear feet