Collections Added Since January 2017

Division Title Dates Extent
DEC MUS The Toscanini Legacy papers 1686-1993 330.0 linear feet
DEC MSS COHLA records 1976-1986 0.21 linear feet
DEC MUS Wayne Shilkret photographs 1946-1987 3.5 linear feet
NOV DAN Jerome Robbins papers, Additions 1944 - 1989 1.38 linear feet
NOV DAN Mary Hinkson papers 1943-2012 3.99 linear feet
NOV MSS Callister family papers approximately 1741-1788
NOV MSS New York City Gay Men's Chorus records 1973-1995 0.84 linear feet
OCT THE Derek McLane designs 1988-2015 43.81 linear feet
OCT MSS Elnathan Hawkins letters to John M. Williamson and Jedidiah Williamson 1814-1828 0.01 linear feet
OCT MSS Miscellaneous Collections: U.S. States and Territories
OCT MSS New York Review of Books records
SEP MSS Radio scripts for Good Health and How to Keep It 1936 0.01 linear feet
SEP MSS Solomon Woodward Jr. letters and accounts 1833-1858 0.01 linear feet
SEP MSS William Wood letters to Benjamin Lowndes 1848-1850 0.01 linear feet
SEP MSS William Smith letters to Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson 1781, 1791 0.01 linear feet
SEP MSS Oliver Wolcott Sr. letters and documents 1753-1797 0.1 linear feet
SEP MSS Oliver Wolcott Jr. letters and documents 1799-1826 0.1 linear feet
SEP MSS Women in Black records 1991-2011 4.21 linear feet
SEP SCM New Federal Theatre records 1971-2015 5.47 linear feet
SEP MSS Winthrop, Parkin, Rogers, and Moore families correspondence and documents 1769-1846 0.1 linear feet
SEP BRG Annie Proulx correspondence with Joel Connaroe 1993-2004, 1993-2004] 1.0 linear feet
AUG JWS Louis Reingold collection
AUG DAN Nancy Zeckendorf collection on Antony Tudor and Oliver Smith 1951-2015 0.42 linear feet
AUG THE New Federal Theatre photographs 1959-2014 2.26 linear feet
AUG SCM Robert E. Penn Papers 1971-2003 25.28 linear feet
AUG MSS Nancy Potter Yaddo memorabilia 1966-1967 0.1 linear feet
AUG MSS William Smith letter to William White 1786 September 11 0.01 linear feet
AUG CPS Jenkins commonplace books of "Extracts on Woman," circa 1802-1819
AUG CPS Anonymous manuscript, "Parliament of Women," 1826
AUG CPS Peak District sketchbook 1821-1822
AUG CPS Scrapbook on the trial of Archibald Bolam 1839-1938
AUG CPS Charlotte Mary Yonge manuscript material 1865-1871
AUG CPS Charles Watkin Williams Wynn manuscript material 1833-1839
AUG CPS Frances Wright manuscript material 1822
AUG CPS William P. Wreden manuscript material 1951
AUG CPS Francis Wrangham manuscript material 1828-1841
AUG CPS William Wordsworth, junior manuscript material 1864-1865
AUG CPS Fanny Wordsworth manuscript material 1865?
AUG CPS Christopher Wordsworth manuscript material 1828
AUG CPS Thomas Woolner manuscript material 1866-1877
AUG CPS Alice Woolner manuscript material 1883-1893
AUG CPS Woolner & Co. manuscript material 1898
AUG CPS George Edward Woodberry manuscript material 1893
AUG CPS Everina Wollstonecraft manuscript material 1821
AUG CPS Thomas James Wise manuscript material 1886-1930
AUG CPS Robert Winter manuscript material 1793
AUG CPS John Wilson manuscript material 1834-1835
AUG CPS Harriette Wilson manuscript material 1825-1828
AUG CPS William Henry Wills manuscript material 1856
AUG CPS Charles Norris Williamson manuscript material 1892
AUG CPS Jane Williams manuscript material 1822-1857
AUG CPS Helen Maria Williams manuscript material 1784-circa 1823?
AUG CPS Edward Ellerker Williams manuscript material 1807-1822
AUG CPS William IV, King of Great Britain manuscript material 1812
AUG CPS Oscar Wilde manuscript material 1886
AUG CPS William Wilberforce manuscript material 1815
AUG CPS Charles Whitworth, Lord Whitworth manuscript material 1825
AUG CPS William Whitton manuscript material 1800-1823
AUG CPS William Hale White manuscript material 1890
AUG CPS Newman Ivey White manuscript material 1941-1948
AUG CPS Samuel Whitbread manuscript material 1814
AUG CPS John Hall Wheelock manuscript material 1946
AUG CPS Henry Thornton Wharton manuscript material 1888
AUG CPS Manuscript journals of Eugénie de Vergès 1790-1841
AUG CPS Joseph Patrick Tumulty manuscript material 1928
AUG CPS Robert Metcalf Smith manuscript material 1945-1950
AUG CPS Anne Margaret Polhill sketchbook 1828-1859
AUG CPS John Wolcot manuscript material 1796-1806
AUG CPS Antonio Lega Zambelli manuscript material 1821-1822
AUG CPS Margaret Hudson receipt book 1830-1950
AUG CPS Philip Yorke, Lord Hardwicke manuscript material 1756
AUG CPS Lady Anne Hamilton commonplace book of poetry circa 1795-1833
AUG CPS John Clarke-Whitfeld manuscript material 1816
AUG CPS James Dykes Campbell manuscript material 1889
AUG CPS Publisher's ordering lists for three books by Charlotte Smith 1791-1798
AUG CPS Elizabeth Blackwell album of sketches from a tour along the Rhine 1835
AUG SCM Audubon Ballroom account books 1963-1976 0.21 linear feet
AUG SCM H-2 Worker research collection 1940-1994 2.93 linear feet
AUG DAN Sally Gross papers 1959-2015 12.58 linear feet
AUG DAN Michael Holman collection 1961-2015 8.37 linear feet
AUG MSS Morris & Ludlum letter and order book 1797-1825 0.2 linear feet
AUG MSS Ronald I. Jacobowitz papers re gay activism in the Bronx 1991-1993 0.42 linear feet
AUG DAN Mr. Freeze collection 1968-2014 5.27 linear feet
JUL MSS John M. Williamson letters and documents 1813-1835 0.1 linear feet
JUL MSS Gay Officers Action League records 1982-2016 0.42 linear feet
JUL MSS Jim Carroll letters and publishing documents 1973-1987 0.08 linear feet
JUL MUS Arthur Tracy papers 1883-1976, 1987-1993 35.03 linear feet
JUL MSS Howell L. Williams letters received 1830-1832 0.21 linear feet
JUN MSS Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender artifacts collection 1970s-2000s 2.42 linear feet
JUN MSS Charles E. Pierce cash book and letter 1853-1879 0.23 linear feet
JUN MSS Lesbian and Gay History: Defining a Field conference records 1994-1995 0.63 linear feet
JUN MSS Edith Brevoort diary 1848-1849 0.21 linear feet
JUN DAN Saeko Ichinohe Dance Company records 1966-2014 28.43 linear feet
JUN MAP [Collection of broadside real estate maps announcing auctions of lots in early 19th century New York City]
JUN MSS Barbara Goldsmith papers circa 1900-2016 99.64 linear feet
JUN MSS The voyage of the 47th Regt. U.S.V. / H. P. Wilkinson 1898 0.1 linear feet
MAY MSS James Wilkinson letters and documents 1776-1823 0.1 linear feet
MAY MSS Transcript of talk given by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. about Robert F. Kennedy 1964 October 0.1 linear feet
MAY MSS John Darragh Wilkins letters and speech 1842-1846 0.1 linear feet
MAY MSS Vito Marcantonio photographs 1930s-1950s 0.21 linear feet
MAY MSS John Greenleaf Whittier letters and documents 1850-1890 0.1 linear feet
MAY MSS James Wentzy papers 1987-2008 9.09 linear feet
MAY MSS Jeannette Watson papers 1977-2011 7.89 linear feet
D MAY MSS The Life of Robert Fulton / by Cadwallader D. Colden ; illustrated by Thos. Addis Emmet M.D 1887 0.31 linear feet
MAY MSS William Smith letters to Henry Brevoort Jr 1812, 1815 0.1 linear feet
MAY MSS Joshua Hett Smith letter to Mary Keteltas 1816 March 5 0.1 linear feet
MAY MSS William Smith documents and John Tabor Kempe draft letter 1734-1766 0.1 linear feet
MAY MSS William Smith Jr. letters and documents 1772-1775 0.1 linear feet
MAY MSS George Peabody Wetmore papers relating to William Smith Jr 1903-1932 0.21 linear feet
MAY MSS Walt Whitman correspondence, documents, and photograph 1867-1888 0.1 linear feet
MAY MSS Edith Wharton letters 1917-1937 0.1 linear feet
MAY MSS International Gay Information Center Collection. Publications and typescripts 1925-2007 5.25 linear feet
APR THE Caffe Cino posters 1960-1968
APR SCM James Baldwin papers 1936-1992 30.4 linear feet
APR DAN Cynthia Newport Dance Cuba archive 2000-2011 5.54 linear feet
APR MSS Daniel Webster letters and documents 1823-1941 0.21 linear feet
APR MUS Teresa Stratas papers 1938-2016 41.56 linear feet
APR SCM Beauford Delaney letters 1958-1963
MAR SCM Robert Van Lierop papers 1965-2001 36.96 linear feet
MAR MSS Island of Cuba Tax Statements book 1894-1895 0.06 linear feet
MAR MSS Orient Hotel guest register 1910 0.14 linear feet
MAR MSS New York State Supreme Court register 1798-1807 0.17 linear feet
MAR MSS John H. Remsen ledgers 1795-1798 1.69 linear feet
MAR DAN Dudley Williams papers 1938-2014 17.79 linear feet
MAR MSS Work-Book No. 2 : Commencing Anno 1759 / Franklin and Hall 1759-1766, 1782-1789 0.1 linear feet
FEB DAN Laura Foreman and John Watts papers 1965-1984 1.34 linear feet
FEB MUS Ford Foundation scores 1960-1987 6.12 linear feet
FEB THE Roger Berlind Productions collection of scripts 1983-2013 13.44 linear feet
FEB MSS Patti Smith notebooks and manuscripts 1970s-2014 0.42 linear feet
FEB MSS Bard & Calkins records 1876-1960 76.52 linear feet
FEB MSS Edith Wynner peace and world government collection circa 1945-1985 44.0 linear feet
FEB MUS Symphony Space records 1978-2016 80.34 linear feet
FEB MSS Michael Horowitz collection on Timothy Leary 1932-2015 9.28 linear feet
FEB THE Desmond Heeley designs and production files circa 1880s-2016 5.81 linear feet
FEB RBK Pulp Novels 1915-2004, undated 57.12 linear feet
JAN MSS Andrew Carnegie letters 1868-1914 0.1 linear feet
JAN MSS William Augustine Washington letters 1783-1785, circa 1810 0.1 linear feet
JAN MSS Bancker plans 1667-1821 3.31 linear feet
JAN DAN Gilda Navarra archives 1926-2007 6.4 linear feet
JAN THE Al Hirschfeld papers 1905-2006 49.12 linear feet
JAN MSS Rosemary Woodruff Leary papers 1935-2006 11.15 linear feet
JAN DAN Nanette Bearden Contemporary Dance Theatre records 1976-2007 0.42 linear feet
JAN THE Edward Albee The Man Who Had Three Arms typescript and galleys 1984 0.21 linear feet
JAN THE Elizabeth Swados papers 1972-2016 39.39 linear feet