Collections Added Since January 2019

Division Title Dates Extent
DEC SCM Kathleen Collins Scripts collection 1971-1992 0.42 linear feet
DEC SCM Gertrude Hadley Jeannette papers 1948-2016 5.96 linear feet
DEC MSS Easter Rising internees autograph album 1916 0.1 linear feet
NOV MUS Oleg Felzer scores and sound recordings 1960-1998 1.17 linear feet
NOV THE Johnson-Liff Casting Associates Ltd. records 1978-2006 18.75 linear feet
NOV THE Jeanne Button and MacDonald Eaton designs and papers 1950-2015 14.0 linear feet
NOV BRG Virginia Woolf letter to Ellery Sedgwick 1927 September 20 0.1 linear feet
NOV SCM Collection of screenplays on Malcolm X 1968-1975 0.83 linear feet
NOV BRG William Beekman Collection of Virginia Woolf and Her Circle 1731-1941
NOV SCM Richard E. Stenhouse, Sr. papers 1943 - 1990
NOV BRG Philip Levine correspondence with Rick Campbell 2000-2015 0.1 linear feet
NOV BRG John Millington Synge letters and postcard 1907 0.1 linear feet
NOV SCM Kathleen Collins papers 1924-2015 3.87 linear feet
OCT BRG Lady Gregory letter to Grace Plunkett 1929 December 30 0.1 linear feet
OCT SCM Ann Petry papers 1920-2012 19.12 linear feet
OCT DAN Merrill Ashley papers 1950-2017 14.37 linear feet
OCT SCM Gladys H. MacDonald papers 1924-1959 0.4 linear feet
OCT BRG Jack Kerouac typescript drafts for Beat Traveler approximately 1960 0.17 linear feet
OCT SCM Obi Egbuna papers 1960-2014 2.62 linear feet
OCT SCM Reginald Walker collection 1977-1989 0.88 linear feet
OCT BRG Sean O'Casey letter to [J. H. Perrin?] 1926 November 18 0.1 linear feet
OCT SCM Carnegie-Myrdal Study of the Negro in America research memoranda collection: additions 1940-1942
OCT BRG Letters from James Joyce and George Joyce to Richard Wallace 1922, 1926 0.08 linear feet
OCT SCM Guichard Parris collection 1936-1983 1.4 linear feet
SEP MUS Lou Reed Collection of Books and Periodicals 1960-2012, undated 9.5 linear feet
SEP MSS Jean Stein papers 1916-2016 122.13 linear feet
SEP DAN Nancy Reynolds collection 1980-2014 33.13 linear feet
SEP DAN Sonia Arova collection 1946-2013 0.84 linear feet
SEP MSS D. M. Anderson medical casebook 1865-1869 0.1 linear feet
SEP SCM Louise Evans Briggs-Hall theatre collection 1941-1992
AUG MUS Éva Gauthier collection of published scores circa 1905 - 1958 20.0 linear feet
AUG BRG William Targ papers concerning Henry Roth 1971-1983 0.21 linear feet
AUG THE Otto Harbach papers, Additions 1923-1979 1.58 linear feet
AUG RHA William Schimmel video recordings 1995-2013 0.21 linear feet
AUG DAN Barbara Newman dance interviews 1975-2010 2.92 linear feet
AUG THE Michael Friedman papers 1980-2018 3.87 linear feet
AUG MUS Stan Applebaum papers 1940-2007 6.54 linear feet
D AUG MSS William Wilson family papers 1792-1884 1.26 linear feet
AUG DAN Frederick Melton photographs 1949-1954 0.84 linear feet
AUG DAN W. H. Stephan photographs 1949-1959 3.58 linear feet
JUL THE The Acting Company records 1968-2017 49.87 linear feet
JUL THE Willa Kim designs 1905-2014 63.26 linear feet
JUL MUS William P. Gottlieb Photographs 1938-1948 1.67 linear feet
JUN MUS Alvin Thaler Photographs of The Sound of Jazz 1957
JUN DAN Alfredo Valente negatives 1934-1958 7.67 linear feet
MAY MUS Correspondence between Maria Callas and Dorle Soria 1950-1982 0.42 linear feet
MAY DAN Changing Times Tap Dancing Company collection 1943-2017 7.72 linear feet
MAY BRG Michael J. Dolan papers regarding the Abbey Theatre 1923-1940 0.13 linear feet
APR BRG Jack B. Yeats letter to John Quinn with mock patent of nobility 1903 August 24 0.1 linear feet
APR CPS Scrapbooks on Sarah Siddons 1780-1837
APR MSS Joseph Campbell papers 1905-1995 83.65 linear feet
APR CPS Collection of drawings and various papers once belonging to Elizabeth Morgan
APR CPS Helene Richter manuscript material
APR CPS Scene of Shelley's last years. [cartographic material]
APR CPS Yachting diary of Jane, Lady Shelley
APR DAN Radford Bascome collection circa 1950-1959 2.29 linear feet
APR BRG Kenneth Koch letters 1961, 1967 0.08 linear feet
APR CPS Joanna Baillie manuscript material
APR THE Biff Liff papers 1906-2014 6.05 linear feet
APR DAN Anita Feldman Tap collection 1961-2017 5.43 linear feet
APR RHA Irving Teibel papers 1950-2011 4.83 linear feet
MAR BRG Joseph Conrad letter and Elbridge L. Adams typescript 1923 0.1 linear feet
MAR DAN Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company records 1970-2016 77.57 linear feet
MAR MSS Truman Capote papers regarding "Houston Diary" 1973-1974 0.46 linear feet
FEB MSS Sarah Yardley Beers family papers 1807-1983 1.35 linear feet
D FEB MUS Lou Reed papers 1958-2015 91.0 linear feet
JAN DAN Charles Payne collection 1929-1983 38.3 linear feet
JAN BRG Remarks occassioned [sic] by poetry : typescript with corrections / E. Estlin Cummings 1916 May 29
JAN BRG Áu revoir a l'art -- Period 394 : autograph manuscript 1944 November 16
JAN MSS Rafael Sala papers relating to the America's Making exposition 1920-1921 0.21 linear feet