Collections Added Since January 2018

Division Title Dates Extent
MAY SCM Nécessité da la Société industrielle haĭtienne [microform] 1923
MAY CPS Translations of amatory poems, songs, &c., &c., in Le printemps et l'amour, ou Le baiser charmant, chansonnier. A.D. 1827
MAY CPS Ward's diary, or Journal of a tour in France & Italy, A.D. 1826, & of a residence in those countries, A.D. 1827
MAY CPS Adelais / by John Taaffe
MAY CPS Mission, statutes, regulations, calendar and secret codes of L'ordre du Lion
MAY CPS Eliza A. J. sketchbook
MAY CPS Holograph notebook of poems 1815-1835
MAY CPS Memoirs of a most beloved and affectionate wife 1817
MAY CPS Autograph letter to a young Englishman studying abroad 1803
MAY CPS Henry Willoughby, Lord Middleton manuscript material 1812
MAY CPS Henry Pelham-Clinton, Duke of Newcastle manuscript material 1812
MAY CPS La Bagatelle album of poems and riddles
MAY CPS Hartland family account book
MAY MSS Dutilh & Wachsmuth letters and accounts 1783-1806 0.01 linear feet
APR MUS Tom Blau Photographs of the Indigo Jazz Club c. 1960 1.5 linear feet
APR DAN Photographs of dancers 1932-1942
APR MSS Gilbert Jenkins Jr. letters sent 1833-1835 0.21 linear feet
APR MUS Collection of Beatles promotional magazines 1964-1991 0.5 linear feet
APR MSS Louis D. Carman collection 1828-1923 0.42 linear feet
APR MUS Emanuel Bay collection of autographed photographs 1910-1961 1.17 linear feet
APR DAN Barbara Arnest collection of Hanya Holm material 1965-1986 1.83 linear feet
APR MUS William Mayer papers 1956-2016 4.0 linear feet
APR MUS Andrei Ussov photographs 1986-1991 2.0 linear feet
APR MSS Alexander E. MacDonald scrapbook, letters and documents 1873-1902 0.21 linear feet
APR MUS Juilliard String Quartet Collection 1950-1967 0.21 linear feet
MAR MUS Stage Door Canteen photographs 1943-1945 1.0 linear feet
MAR MSS Camilla and Earl McGrath papers 1910s-2016 124.41 linear feet
MAR MSS Rufus & James Backus letters received 1794 0.1 linear feet
MAR MSS William Wilson letter book 1757-1760 0.1 linear feet
FEB MSS National Child Welfare Association Girl Scouts posters 1918 0.2 linear feet
FEB MSS Jonathan Lawrence papers 1765-1810 0.1 linear feet
FEB MSS William R. Rodman letters to Jacob Barker 1835-1839 0.1 linear feet
FEB MUS Otto F. Hess photographs 1936-1961 7.0 linear feet
FEB MSS Leonard de Neufville letters received 1786-1790 0.1 linear feet
FEB MSS Jeremiah Briggs letters received 1832-1852 0.1 linear feet
FEB MSS Thomas Pratt account books 1754-1765 0.1 linear feet
FEB MSS J. Warren Brown papers 1855-1906 0.21 linear feet
FEB MSS John Bellamy arithmetic exercise book and ledger 1788-1832 0.1 linear feet
FEB MSS Jonathan Schell papers 1948-2014 65.0 linear feet
JAN MSS Wood Brothers letters received 1877-1878 0.83 linear feet
JAN MSS Taylor & Newman letters received 1807-1809 0.01 linear feet
JAN MSS Henry B. Carr Boat Club records 1865-1866 0.01 linear feet
JAN MSS American Black Sea Line records 1922 0.01 linear feet