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New York Public Library. Board of Trustees. Space Committee
New York Public Library Archives | MssArc 4928
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The Space Committee of the N.Y.P.L. Board of Trustees was established in 1955 to discern the space needs of the various divisions in the Research Library. Its members were: Chairman Arthur A. Houghton, Jr., Edward G. Freehafer, Morris Hadley, Carl... more
New York Public Library. Research Libraries. Director's Office
New York Public Library Archives | MssArc 5118
Administrative files and correspondence of James W. Henderson, Director of the Research Libraries of The New York Public Library from 1963 to 1977.
New York Public Library. Central Administration. Central Administrative Office
New York Public Library Archives | MssArc 4969
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Certain routine activities of the New York Public Library are handled by the staff of the Central Administration and are referred to as originating in the Central Administrative Office. Records consist of reports and other materials concerning... more