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Firebrand (Ship)
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 1003
.08 linear feet (1 volume)
This logbook of the H.M.S. Firebrand and the H.M.S. Frolic was kept by the same (unknown) author. Entries pertaining to the Firebrand were made from December 1, 1847-June 16, 1848, when the ship sailed along the South American coast, stopping at:... more
Copland, James
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 667
.29 linear feet (1 volume)
Mariner James Copland kept this logbook aboard the Boxer (on which he was employed by John Jacob Astor) from March 1-May 9, 1818; the America from January 28-June 17, 1819; the Cadmus, captained by Reuben Brumly, from September 1, 1819-January 25,... more
Brandywine (Frigate)
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 372
.42 linear feet (3 volumes)
These logbooks (3 vols.) of the frigate Brandywine were kept from June 6, 1848-December 11, 1850. The Brandywine was the flagship of Commodore George W. Storer, and Charles Boarman was Captain. The logs are contemporary copies kept while the ship... more