Found 4 collections related to Boston Museum (1847-1903)

Heister, George
Billy Rose Theatre Division | *T-Mss 2001-068
(1 portfolio)
George Heister was involved in the theater in America throughout much of the 19 century, and worked with many of its prominent figures. Consists of six letters written to George Heister by several professionals of the theatrical world, including... more
Field, R. M. (Richard Montgomery), 1834-1902
Billy Rose Theatre Division | *T-Mss 2000-022
.21 linear feet. (1 box)
Richard Montgomery Field (1834-1902) was manager of the Boston Museum from 1864 to 1898. The Boston Museum began staging musical performances in 1841, then added dramatic performances in 1843 and continued presenting shows for sixty years. Located... more
Kimball, Moses, 1809-1895
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 344
.21 linear feet (1 volume)
Moses Kimball was a politician in Boston, Massachusetts, and also established the Boston Museum in 1841, owning the museum until the time of his death in 1895. Receipt book (31 October 1864 to 28 August 1865) of Moses Kimball for payments to staff... more
Gibson, Robert J
Billy Rose Theatre Division | *T-Mss 1997-025
Robert J. Gibson collected this material on Lillian and Dorothy Russell. This is a small collection notable mainly for the unpublished biography of Lillian and her daughter Dorothy Russell and letters written by Lillian Russell to her daughter and... more