Found 2 collections related to Hobart (Tas.)

Roberts, Edward
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 2588
.06 linear feet (1 volume)
This volume served as the logbook of two ships and contain entries made by Edward Roberts (3rd officer) from April 10, 1835-April 1, 1836. From April 10-November 13, 1835, Roberts kept the logbook on board the British convict ship "Mangles,"... more
Day, Sargent S
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 742
.13 linear feet (2 volumes)
These two logbooks were kept by Sargent S. Day on board numerous ships. One volume contains entries made from May 27, 1835-November 28, 1838 aboard an unidentified ship on voyages between Boston; Hobart, Tasmania; and Sydney, New South Wales in... more