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DuVivier & Co.
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 23000
12.07 linear feet (4 boxes, 76 volumes, 1 oversized folder)
DuVivier & Co. was a New York City-based importer and distributor of wine and spirits. The company, founded in 1856 and located in lower Manhattan, imported products from France, Portugal, and Britain, and sourced domestic products. In addition to... more
New York Times Company
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 17785
3.15 linear feet (8 boxes); 4.37 Gigabytes (6 PDF files)
Orvil Dryfoos (1912-1963) was a newspaper executive and the publisher of The New York Times from 1961 to 1963. The Orvil Dryfoos papers document Dryfoos's daily activities and the operations of The Times, particularly during his tenure as vice... more
Hooe, Stone & Co
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 3584
4.42 linear feet (1 box, 12 volumes)
Various account books, including ledgers, journals, invoice books, ship books, and letterbooks of the Alexandria, Virginia firm of general merchants successively known as Hooe, Stone & Co.; Jenifer & Hooe; Hooe & Harrison; Robert T. Hooe & Co.;... more
Sproston, John Glendy, 1828-1862
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 2852
.33 linear feet (2 volumes)
This collection consists of two volumes, with journals kept by J. Glendy Sproston of the U. S. Navy aboard various ships, including the Macedonian, commanded by Captain Abbott and attached to the Perry Expedition to Japan. The journals date from... more
Donnell, Henry
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 4706
.1 linear feet (1 folder)
Journal kept on board the Lion, a fishing schooner, by the ship's master, Henry Donnell, on a fishing voyage off the coast of York, Maine from April 12-October 5, 1856. Entries note number of fish caught and weather conditions
Hawxhurst, James, 1775-1854
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 3440
.21 linear feet (1 volume)
The James Hawxhurst papers include his journal and account book (1797-1851), in which he recorded events on his farms, probably in Flushing, Long Island and Cornwall, New York, and listed prices paid for various farm produce and services. Also... more
Chalmers, John
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 508
.04 linear feet (1 volume)
John Chalmers, an officer in the British Navy, kept this journal during a naval expedition to l'Orient, France from September 15-October 29, 1746. The British forces intended to take l'Orient, depot of the French East India Company, but the... more
Miller, John H., 1957-
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 3477
1.15 linear feet (9 volumes)
Account books kept at his farm, "Oak Neck," in Islip, New York. Entries for ploughing, planting, sowing, hauling, and other farm activities; prices of potatoes, milk, beef, rye, corn, hay, pork, timber; accounts for boarding farm hands; prices of... more
Canning, Joseph C
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 467
.13 linear feet (1 volume)
Journal of Joseph C. Canning covers his period of service as Acting Assistant Paymaster, United States Navy, aboard the U.S.S. Cambridge on blockade duty off the Virginia and Carolina coasts and on duty off the New England coast, 1861-1864; aboard... more
Parrish, Joseph
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 2342
.21 linear feet (1 volume)
Joseph Parrish was a midshipman in the U.S. Navy stationed aboard the U.S. frigate Congress, Commodore Robert F. Stockton's flagship. The Congress traveled the Pacific coast from San Francisco to Mazatlan during the Mexican-American War. Parrish's... more
Williams, Richard, 1815-1851
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 3338
.21 linear feet (1 volume)
Contemporary transcript of Richard Williams' journal of a mission to Patagonia. Williams was a surgeon and catechist to the Patagonian Missionary Society in Tierra del Fuego
Henderson, Robert
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 3512
.42 linear feet (3 volumes)
Daybook and journal of Robert Henderson, merchant of Glasgow, New York, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Accounts of general trade; lists of goods received from and consigned to merchants in Glasgow, New York, Philadelphia and other points along... more
Taylor, Paul F.
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 2956
.1 linear feet (1 volume)
Paul F. Taylor was a machinists mate, 3rd class, "M" Division in the U.S. Navy. His narrative, dating from January to February of 1945, details the journey of the U.S.S. Quincy to Malta and Suez while carrying President Franklin D. Roosevelt to... more
Humphreys, Asheton Y.
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 1463
.06 linear feet (1 volume)
One volume, containing a narrative of cruise of U.S.S. Constitution by Asheton Y. Humphreys, dated December 17, 1814 to March 26, 1815. Humphreys previously served as captain's clerk on the Constitution, and sailed this cruise as Chaplain of the... more
United States. Army. New York Infantry Regiment, 9th (1861-1863)
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 3055
.06 linear feet (1 volume)
This collection contains the official journal of the 9th Regiment New York Volunteers, known as the "Hawkins Zouaves," Colonel Rush C. Hawkins commanding, from the time of their embarkation at New York City, June 5, 1861, until April 11, 1863. The... more
Van Cortlandt, Stephen
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 3427
.06 linear feet (1 volume)
Ledger kept by Stephen Van Cortlandt at Second River (Belleville, New Jersey) from 1773 to 1796. The volume also includes journal entries, dated 23 August 1773 to 10 March 1774
Bache, Benjamin Franklin, 1801-1881
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 3062
.08 linear feet (1 volume)
One volume, containing a surgeon's journal kept on board U.S.S. Falmouth while cruising as flag ship of the West India Squadron from May 8, 1829 to May 10, 1830. The journal provides names of patients, ailments, and treatments, and is indexed.... more
Celli, Vincenzo
Jerome Robbins Dance Division | (S) *MGZMD 262
1.63 linear feet (6 boxes)
This collections contains correspondence, scrapbooks, studio photographs, and various personal items of choreographer Vincenzo Celli. A few items in the collection appear to have been created by Celli's wife, Marion Ivell. Of note are photographs... more
Clarke, William M. (William Malpas)
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 122
.08 linear feet (1 volume)
William M. Clarke, surgeon's mate in the United States Navy, kept this journal on board the U.S.S. President (a frigate) and the U.S.S. Argus (a brig), entering daily sick reports along with a brief log of the weather, names of vessels sighted and... more
Chandler, William, of Warminster
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 514
.29 linear feet (1 box)
These papers of William Chandler, Lieutenant in the United States Navy, include a logbook, a journal, text books and notes about seamanship and navigation, and other related materials. Included is a logbook of the U.S. prize schooner Patuxent... more
Sully, Thomas, 1783-1872
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 2926
.54 linear feet (3 volumes)
These papers of the painter Thomas Sully consist of three volumes. One is a register of paintings he executed between 1801 and 1871, which includes a complete list of all miniatures, oil portraits, and other paintings. Another is a journal of... more
Brown, Beverly, d. 2002
Jerome Robbins Dance Division | (S) *MGZMD 195
7 linear feet (14 boxes)
The Beverly Brown Papers document the career of Beverly Brown, dancer, choreographer, teacher and writer. The material dates from 1955-2000 and includes professional correspondence, programs, scores, photographs, clippings, video logs,... more
Tayloe, Edward T. (Edward Thornton), 1803-1876
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 3580
.25 linear feet (2 volumes)
Journals kept by Edward Thornton Tayloe, 1819-1834 and 1850-1858, recording his expenses and income during various periods of his life. Included are records from Tayloe's time as a student at Harvard, as Secretary of the Legation in Mexico under... more
Edson, Josiah
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 896
.21 linear feet (1 volume)
Memorandum book kept at Bridgewater, Massachusetts, probably by Captain Josiah Edson, in the early part of the 18th century. Contains notes on town affairs, laying out of lots, town representative, school teacher, men listed for army service,... more
Robbins, Jerome
Jerome Robbins Dance Division | (S) *MGZMD 182
100 linear feet (171 boxes)
Jerome Robbins was a dancer, choreographer and director. His papers include biographical materials, production materials, subject files, financial information and scores.
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