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Doro, Marie
Billy Rose Theatre Division | MWEZ + n.c. 1758A
1 volume
Actress Marie Doro was born in Duncannon, Pennsylvania, the daughter of an attorney, E.H. Stuart. She first appeared on the stage in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1901, made her New York debut in 1903 and her London debut in 1905. She starred in THE... more
Benney, Robert, 1904-2001
Billy Rose Theatre Division | *T-Vim 1984-005
The Robert Benney drawings are black and white sketches in graphite and ink primarily of actors and actresses in costume for New York City theater productions. The drawings also include sketches of entire scenes and portraits of musicians, radio... more
Braun, Clayton
Billy Rose Theatre Division | *T-Vim 2003-038
3 drawings in 1 portfolio
Clayton Braun, artist. Consists of three drawings of actresses appearing on Broadway in the 1925-1926 theater season: Greta Nissen in the Ziegfeld revue, NO FOOLIN' at the Globe Theatre, Eva Puck in THE GIRL FRIEND at the Vanderbilt Theatre and... more