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Vail, Alfred, 1807-1859
Irma and Paul Milstein Division of United States History, Local History and Genealogy | NYGB Coll 166
15.5 linear feet (32 boxes)
Between 1837 and 1844, inventor Alfred Lewis Vail worked together with Samuel F.B. Morse in the development and spread of the telegraph. In 1848, Vail moved to his home town, Morristown, New Jersey, and spent the last ten years of his life... more
Wendt, Alfred
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 3288
.77 linear feet (5 volumes)
Alfred Wendt's notebooks on the theory and technique of weaving discuss machinery and the preparation of textures. They include diagrams of various weaving patterns and textile samples. In German script
McLaughlin, Karen
Billy Rose Theatre Division | *T-Mss 2005-003
.25 linear feet (1 box)
Karen McLaughlin, actress, adapted and performed chapter one, "The Language of the Dead" from ALGERIAN WHITE by Assia Djebar. Consists of typed script with revisions and staging directions in pencil, notes and sketches for the set design, a... more
Du Ranquet, Dominique, 1813-1900
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 2526
.21 linear feet (1 volume)
Fischer, Alice, 1869-1947
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 1004
.4 linear feet (1 box)
Alice Fischer (1869-1947) was an American actress. Collection contains correspondence, telegrams, clippings, and other papers relating to Fischer's career and that of her husband, William Harcourt King. Also, letters, four pocket diaries and other... more
Ford, Alice, 1906-
Manuscripts and Archives Division
.08 linear feet (1 folder)
Collection contains correspondence, pamphlet and catalog related to the American artists Grandma Moses and Joseph Stella. Correspondence consists of autobiographical letter, 1944, by Moses; letter, 1945, about Moses from her granddaughter; and... more
Donlevy, Alice H., 1846-1929
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 826
3.5 linear feet (8 boxes, 1 folder)
Alice Heighes Donlevy (1846-1929) was an artist and advocate of industrial art education in the schools. She worked as a painter, illustrator and weaver and wrote and lectured on the art of illumination. In 1867 she became a founding member of the... more
Billy Rose Theatre Division | *T-Vim 2010-056
1 box (approximately 101 drawings), col, 39 x 50 cm. or smaller; 1 box (approximately 101 drawings), col, 39 x 50 cm. or smaller
Alice Lewisohn Crowley was born in New York City in 1883, a daughter of Leonard Lewisohn. With her sister Irene Lewisohn, she established the Neighborhood Playhouse on Grand Street in 1915, a theater and teaching facility for dance and drama. By... more
Meynell, Alice, 1847-1922
Carl H. Pforzheimer Collection of Shelley and His Circle | Pforz MS
1 item
Alice Christiana Gertrude Meynell, née Thompson, English poet and journalist. To Mary Cowden Clarke, literary scholar and writer : 1 autograph letter signed : 9 Nov [between 1877 and 1897] : (MISC 1308) : from 21 Upper Philmore Place,... more
O'Neill, Alice
Billy Rose Theatre Division | *T-Vim 1998-036 (O'Neill, A.)
1 original design, col, 37 x 57 cm; 1 original design, col, 37 x 57 cm
Beginning in 1916, O'Neill (a.k.a. AVON and Av O'Neill) designed costumes for many famous Broadway revues, including the Ziegfeld Follies, the Greenwich Village Follies (1922), the Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic, and George White's Scandals. Between... more
Bernstein, Aline, 1881-1955
Billy Rose Theatre Division | *T-Vim 2010-026
6 linear feet (8 boxes)
Aline Bernstein (1882-1955), New York City designer for theater, opera and dance performances from 1920s to 1950s, began her career designing for productions at the Neighborhood Playhouse, and later on for Broadway, operas and dance productions.... more
Hooe, Stone & Co
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 3584
4.42 linear feet (1 box, 12 volumes)
Various account books, including ledgers, journals, invoice books, ship books, and letterbooks of the Alexandria, Virginia firm of general merchants successively known as Hooe, Stone & Co.; Jenifer & Hooe; Hooe & Harrison; Robert T.... more
Maurokordatos, Alexandros, 1791-1865
Carl H. Pforzheimer Collection of Shelley and His Circle | Pforz MS
Alexandros Maurokordatos, Greek statesman. To Count Pietro Gamba, Italian nobleman : 1 letter signed : 14/16 Jul 1825 : (B'ANA 0346) : from Naples de Romanie : in French, body in a scribal hand; agreeing in the name of the Greek government to the... more
New York Public Library. Slavic and Baltic Division
General Research Division | Slav. Reserve 00-4278
8 boxes
Aleksei (Alexis) Vissarionovich Lapteff is a descendant of Dmitrii Lapteff. Dmitrii died in the 18th century. He was a grandson of Jacob Lapteff. He discovered the coast of the Arctic Ocean between the Lena River and Kolyma. The Lapteff family... more
Ainger, Alfred, 1837-1904
Carl H. Pforzheimer Collection of Shelley and His Circle | Pforz MS
1 item
Alfred Ainger, Church of England clergyman and Charles Lamb biographer. To a Mrs. Flower : 1 autograph letter signed : 8 Mar 1887 : (MISC 0958) : from 2, Upper Terrace, Hampstead [blind-stamped stationery]; begins, "You are very good -- but I fear... more
Auerbach, Alfred
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 3491
.21 linear feet (1 volume)
Alfred Auerbach and Louis Barnett were jewelry merchants at 39 Maiden Lane in New York City. Daybook contains orders received by Auerbach and Barnett in relation to their jewelry business between 1893 and 1894, as well as accounts of sales and... more
Austin, Alfred, 1835-1913
Carl H. Pforzheimer Collection of Shelley and His Circle | Pforz MS
5 items
Holograph poem, "Cor Cordium" [reflections at the tomb of Shelley] : Apr 1863 : (S'ANA 0002) : also published as: "At Shelley's Grave." A note at the foot of p. 1 tells of the "severely neglected" state in which he found Shelley's tomb.
King, Alfred D
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 1645
.06 linear feet (1 volume)
Diary of a party of men from Arkansas to California. This volume begins near Scorro, New Mexico, thence along Rio Grande; through towns now known as Tuscon and Phoenix, Arizona; along Gila River; through Los Angeles to Santa Cruz, California.... more
Forman, Alfred, 1840-1925
Carl H. Pforzheimer Collection of Shelley and His Circle | Pforz MS
8 items
Alfred Forman, English translator. After attending a Wagner concert in 1873, he began producing poetic translations of the operas into English, most of which remain unpublished. He was the brother of bibliographer and forger Harry Buxton Forman.... more
Satterlee, Alfred H
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 2679
.21 linear feet (1 volume)
Alfred H. Satterlee was a coin and token collector who lived in Brooklyn, New York. This diary (2 vols.), which he kept from 1860-1861, contains many references to his collecting hobby and to political and military events at the beginning of the... more
Mayer, Alfred M. (Alfred Marshall), 1836-1897
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 1922
.58 linear feet (2 boxes)
Alfred Marshall Mayer was a noted American physicist born in Baltimore in 1836. His son, Alfred Goldsborough Mayor (1868-1922) was a noted marine zoologist and entomologist who changed the spelling of his last name to Mayor during World War I.... more
Roe, Alfred S. (Alfred Seelye), 1844-1917
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 2607
.15 linear feet (1 v.)
Alfred Seelye Roe (1844-1917) was a historian. Collection consists of journal from Roe's trip to Europe entitled "My Trip Abroad with Notes and Comments on What I Saw and Heard" (1890), describing the trip and his return on the steamer Waesland of... more
Coffin, Alexander H., 1805-1890
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 584
.21 linear feet (1 volume)
Alexander H. Coffin of Poughkeepsie, New York kept this diary from August 1, 1888-January 16, 1890. He recorded current events, with special emphasis on politics, the weather, the condition of his health, and the health of his family and friends.... more
Coffin, Alexander H., 1805-1890
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 4754
linear feet (1 other item)
Alexander H. Coffin is believed to be the author of this diary of a journey from Richmond, Virginia to Union Town in Monroe County, Virginia (now Union, West Virginia), kept ca. 1830-1834. The volume indicates that its author lived in Pleasant... more
Crosby, Alexander Hamilton, 1804-1839
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 698
.21 linear feet (1 volume)
The Revered Alexander Hamilton Crosby was rector of the Protestant Episcopalian churches of Yonkers and Greenburgh, New York. He made entries in these diaries between November 2, 1832 and February 20, 1838, recording marriages, baptisms, funerals,... more
Hosack, Alexander, b. 1737
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 1436
.21 linear feet (1 volume)
Alexander Hosack, a British officer in America and a prominent New York City physician, kept this receipt book from 1787 to 1801
Johnston, Alexander, Sir, 1775-1849
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 1578
.3 linear feet (1 box)
Alexander Johnston (1775-1849), British statesman, was advocate-general of Ceylon. Collection consists of papers concerning the government, history and customs of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), especially the establishment of land revenue, 1800-1817.... more
Lamb, Alexander
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 1684
.1 linear feet (1 folder)
Diary of his migration to the mining areas of California and Oregon. 1858 Nov. 24-1860 May. Privately issued in facsimile form
Leslie, Alexander, ca. 1740-1794
Manuscripts and Archives Division
.3 linear feet; 1 microfilm reel
Alexander Leslie (ca. 1740-1794) was an officer in the British Army. Collection consists of correspondence and documents (some transcripts) pertaining to the British Army command at Charleston, South Carolina, during the American revolution. Bulk... more
Monro, Alexander, 1733-1817
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 2034
.3 linear feet (2 v.)
Alexander Monro (1733-1817) was a physician from Scotland. Collection consists of manuscript of surgical lectures delivered by Alexander Monro, M.D.P.A., at Edinburgh University.