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Dudley Buck (Steamboat)
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 853
.04 linear feet (1 volume)
This logbook was kept on board the steamship Dudley Buck by its engineer, from June 4-October 6, 1865. The ship sailed from and to the ports of New York, Mobile, New Orleans, Brazos de Santiago, Indianola, Corpus Christi, Ft. Barrancas, St. Marks,... more
Gilmore, James Clifford, 1834-1918
Manuscripts and Archives Division | MssCol 1160
.02 linear feet (1 volume)
James Clifford Gilmore, a sea captain of Searsport, Maine, kept this logbook of the ships Henry Darling and Caro. He kept the log on board the bark Henry Darling from 1860-1862 on voyages from Boston, New York, and Portland to Valparaiso, Havana,... more