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Rules for using Schomburg Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Division collections

Rules for Use

  1. All researchers must complete this application form. Each applicant will be required to obtain a library card and/or show acceptable identification (e.g., driver’s license, student or employee identification passport). Applications will be kept on file for the duration of current projects. After that a new form is required.
  2. Completion of this form does not guarantee access to specific items. The Curator, in consultation with the researcher, has final responsibility for determining those materials which will be made available for use.
  3. In applying for materials in this division, a researcher must sign in at each research visit. In addition, a special request (call) slip clearly written and giving the researcher’s full name, must be presented for each volume, piece, or collection.
  4. Rare materials must be used under such conditions as may prescribed by the Curator of the division:
    1. All coats, briefcases, parcels, packages, and umbrellas must be checked before entering the Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Division.
    2. All collections and books must be handled with extreme care. Keep materials in order within folders and boxes, and do not remove materials from their folders. Use care in turning pages so they will not be torn or otherwise damaged.
    3. Materials must be placed flat on tables and not held in the hands or placed on the lap.
    4. Use lead pencils only to take notes. Do not mark upon, trace, or otherwise mishandle materials.
    5. Readers found to be careless in handling materials may be denied future access to materials.
    6. Materials must be used in the designated research area.

    Rules for Reproductions, Photography and Publications

    1. The Curator will determinate what may be reproduced and by what method, and what may not. Reproductions are not permitted if prohibited by the terms of purchase or gift, if making such reproductions would cause damage, or if special problems are involved.
    2. The Center reserves the right to retain negatives of reproductions of material in the Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Book Division.
    3. Researchers are permitted to use their own photographic equipment unless prohibited by the terms of purchase or gift.
    4. Reproductions will be completed by a member of the staff. When copies are made they are subject to such conditions as appear on the Reproduction Request Form, or in any other written statement of The Research Libraries which may be applicable.
    5. Permission to publish or quote from unpublished manuscripts, or from published items under copyright must first be obtained from the copyright holder. It is the researcher’s responsibility to secure that permission. Additionally, permission to reproduce for publication purposes must be obtained in all instances from the Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Division, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, The New York Public Library. Indicate where quotations are to be used (thesis, book, article, etc.), title of publication and expected date of publication. Include a list of quoted materials (item, folder and box number, collection name, or volume). In the case of commercial use, rare, unique, and original items from the collections are subject to a publication fee. A credit line indicating the collection involved is required if material is to be published. In granting permission to publish, the Library does not surrender its own right thereafter to publish the material or to grant permission to others to publish it.

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